File and Document Security

File and Document Security

Crashes and hacks – two of any company’s biggest fears. All Copy can alleviate both with our document protection services.

Document Protection Overview

Losing years of documents can result in a torrid time for your business. There’s a reason we keep them, right? With that in mind, our document security service gives you total peace of mind.

We’ll make sure your digital documents are backed up in the event of a crash, allowing us to fully recover them safely and securely. What’s more, we make it our mission to keep viruses and spyware a million miles away from your network. How do we do it? Here’s how:

Document Security


Through a document management system that keeps all your information highly organized, easily accessible, and totally secure. While being stored on-site or in our private cloud server.

Document Security


Via centrally managed antivirus built to defend your network from malware like computer viruses and spyware. We take your document security to a whole new level with our experts on watch.

Document Security


We have your back 24/7 with a full network monitoring system that’s always watching for any unusual or unauthorized access. Keeping your business and its data safe and secure. 

Security is so vital in effective document management. To discuss yours in greater detail, contact us today.

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