Interactive Display Systems

Interactive Display Systems

Interactive Touchscreen Displays are the next wave of visual innovation in the work-place and classroom. We’ll help you ride it.

When Interactive Display Systems first arrived, professionals everywhere shuddered. Yet another new piece of tech they didn’t want. Hours of tutorials. Bleh.

No longer. It didn’t take a lot of time for folks to realize how useful they were. The result was sharper, clearer, more engaging presentations, meetings, and brainstorming sessions. In turn, that meant better ideas, a happier staff, and a culture of collaboration.

Interactive Display Systems – combined with a projector and digital pens – are the ultimate tool for presenting and discussing ideas. They allow for colorful, multi-media presentations and rapid-fire edits, and there are few things more powerful in business than an engaged employee with the power to take their ideas from brain to screen in real time.

Interactive Display Collaboration


No more stuffy speaker, 80s presentation video, or 10,000 word powerpoints. With an interactive display, everyone is involved in a fully interactive discussion.

Interactive Display Meeting


Cut your meeting mileage with a shiny new interactive display. Instead of travelling across the country, continent, or world, you can conduct meetings from the comfort of your own conference room.

Interactive Display Flexibility


Both in terms of presentation style and interactivity. You’ll be able to tailor your presentations and meetings around the style of your staff, building quizzes, drawings, and games that trigger their creativity.

Interactive Display Management


With an interactive display, you can integrate software, allowing it to work on a range of devices, including tablets and smartphones. It can also be linked with other interactive displays, allowing you to present and edit information in multiple locations. Plus, pairing a board with video conferencing software means you can see, hear, and pull faces at conference participants thousands of miles away.

Sharp Aquos Boards

Boardroom or classroom, the SHARP Aquos Board makes communication, well…sharper.

Why a SHARP Aquos Board?

The SHARP Aquos board is a big screen with big features. Available in sizes up to 80”, the color is crisp, the screen is touch, and the effect on your meetings and classes is huge.


Scan images from your multi-function printer straight onto your Aquos board, doodle with the SHARP digital pen, then print out exactly what you see on screen.It’s a two-way street that allows unprecedented flexibility and collaboration.

Interactive Display

Interactive Display Pen


You get full control over your presentation with SHARP’s digital pens. Each comes with its own menu, meaning you get easy access to colors and line thickness. Plus, up to four people can write on the screen at the same time. Don’t get too messy!


From quarterly fiscal reports and staff meetings to annual forecasting and marketing plans, the SHARP board is the perfect foil for your creativity. Create beautiful presentations, then watch them come to life as you draw out your ideas for your co-workers and staff members.

Interactive Display


Sure, it’s built for business, but the Aquos board is flexible, and works great in the classroom environment. While other teachers struggle to engage their students, you’ll harness the power of screen size, beautiful color, and a host of applications that’ll make your class look forward to a lecture.


Instead of bending your presentation to fit the board, the reverse happens. Whether you’re in a meeting room or a lecture hall, SHARP offers an intuitive, touch-screen display that gives you full control to design your message, then hand-edit in real time.

Interactive Display

Promethean ActivPanel Boards

Take a passionate educator, add a Promethean ActivPanel Display, multiply student engagement, and subtract boredom. The result? Better classrooms, better teachers, and better students.

Why a Promethean ActivPanel Display?

The trick to making your students better learners is involving them in the lesson. With the Promethean ActivPanel Display, making them part of the class is easy. The screen size allows groups of students to work together at the ActivPanel, while the digital pen and dry erase technology let you paint information in a way they’ll understand. In short, it’s an award winning, highly functional software that’s the centerpiece of classrooms around the world.


While many other interactive display systems get confused when more than one person touches the screen, the Promethean ActivPanel loves it. Featuring a six-touch surface, it makes group activities and problem-solving the norm in your class.

Interactive Display

Interactive Display Pen


The digital pen is an all-in-one tool for controlling your presentation. Draw, write, and hover over key points in your presentation, plus use the pen to issue typical touch screen commands like click and close.


Easily remove your last edits and sneaky student drawings with the responsive dry-erase surface. When your class is struggling with an idea, just wipe the screen clean in seconds and try a different visual representation.

Interactive Display

Interactive Display


Use presentations, video, and full sound with built-in speakers to get your ideas across. Some students are visual learners, others are aural. With a Promethean ActivPanel Display, you’ll capture the attention and imagination of everyone.

Looking to make your messaging pop? We can help with Interactive Digital Signage. Indoor, out-door, wall-mounted – you name it, we can do it. See just how customized our service gets.

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