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Get an entire division of ACP fully dedicated to your IT services. Its called Verticomm.

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Trying to manage multiple facets of business communications can be a real headache, particularly if you buy them from different providers. There can be different price points, different levels of customer service, and different problems that arise at different times. With IT solutions, different can be bad news. That’s why we offer a complete, 360-degree service for your business communications.

It’s Called Verticomm.

the IT division of All Copy Products, entirely focused on helping you with your IT and technology. No printer stuff, no copiers, just IT expertise, advice, and support. Meaning no more tech confusion for you and your staff. It’s a service that’s simple, direct, affordable, and built to fit your business.

Managed IT Services

When you work with us on managed IT services, we’ll treat your servers, apps, databases, network, and hardware just like our own – with absolute efficiency and care. Plus, we offer an all-inclusive Total Care plan, featuring all the support you need for one low monthly fee.

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Cloud Services

Matching software and hardware can be a nightmare. From browsing to installing and updates. You’re asking for trouble when you have multiple machines running multiple systems. We offer our clients a private cloud in our tier 3 datacenter, along with an all-inclusive total cloud plan, providing security and infrastructure without the need for expensive equipment.

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Workflow Solutions

Sometimes, it’s tough to get a clear picture of your business workflows from the inside. We can take a look at the bigger picture, giving you key information that can change how documents flow through your business, top to bottom.

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Phone Systems

Whether you’re into the latest cloud based voice systems, or prefer a more traditional approach on-site, we can help build a phone system that matches how you do business. We offer a full line ranging from VoIP to cloud to premise-based.

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Backup Solutions

When it comes to business data, it doesn’t have to be a disaster. We take precautions the second we start working together to make sure we have backups, starting with the most important documents and applications you have. Peace of mind is a beautiful thing, right?

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Network & Hardware

Your network is the backbone of your business and all its data. Having a strong framework for your network is key to efficiency and no downtime. Let the experts at Verticomm analyze your network environment and help you build a network that is efficient and cost effective.

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IT Support

If you need help with anything, from maintenance to a question about how your technology works, we’re never more than a phone call away. We’ll be happy to blow you away with our completely U.S. based help desk.

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