Mailing Systems

All Copy Products offers our Arizona customers professional mailing systems.

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Mailing Systems Overview

All Copy Products offers our Arizona customers mailing systems. The efficient mailing of invoices and statements impacts your cash flow. We help you minimize the cost of mailing while maximizing efficiency with mailing solutions from Franco Postalia, the leader in reliable and affordable mailing solutions.

Postage Meters

Simplify mailing and save money with a postage meter for your office. Track and report postage by cost centers or accounts. Easily update your mailing system with the latest USPS postal rates. You can save money by taking advantage of USPS commercial pricing discounts that offer the best shipping rates on packages.

Folders and Inserters

One of the biggest time drains in large mailing projects is folding and inserting. This can be automated with folders and inserters that simply get the job done for you. This saves time and helps get your critical documents in the mail faster.

Mailing Software

Minimize your costs and maximize your productivity with mailing software solutions. these software solutions pre-sort your mail and ensure addresses are correct to get you the lowest possible cost. Mail accounting helps you track expenses and integrate with your accounting systems.


Control Speed

Change processing speed from 30 to 45 to 65 to 85 letters-per-minute with a simple software download.


Integrated 5-15 lb scale automatically sets accurate postage amounts.


Available automatic feeder/sealer dramatically reduces the time and effort required to process mail.

User Friendly

Integrated label dispenser makes it easy to apply postage on packages.*

Office Friendly

Whisper-quiet, smooth operation makes PostBase a pleasurable addition to your office.

Track Costs

Track postage costs for between 5-200 departmental accounts.


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