Promethean Board

Engage your students like never before with the Promethean ActivPanel digital display.

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Why Promethean?

In today’s classroom, there are countless more distractions than in previous generations. To educate you must maintain the attention and interest of your students. The Promethean Board was designed specifically with that in mind. With screen sizes that range up to 86”, you can engage and involve more students than ever before. The ActivPanel display allows for up to 6 different users to interact with the board simultaneous. Lastly, Promethean offers classroom specific applications and software that are designed to enhance and expedite lesson plans and classroom lectures.

promethean board

Multi-Touch Functionality

Since interaction is paramount in the classroom, Promethean offers the most advanced technology to increase group participation. The ActivPanel digital display allows for up to six different users to write, draw, and engage with the board at the same time. Students can now work in larger groups when presenting or working through shared assignments.

Promethean board

Promethean board pen

Easy Annotation

Coupled with the advanced touchscreen technology is the digital pen. These digital writing tools allow to make quick and visual revisions in front of the whole class. They are also equipped with customizable options so you can select from different fonts and colors to identify separate notes or annotations.

Dry-Erase Surface

The Promethean ActivPanel display also offers digital dry-erase functionality. Since class time is limited and attention spans can be short, it is vital to be able to quickly erase or revise classroom content.

Promethean board

Promethean board


You can use video, images, sound, and other digital media to capture the attention and imagination of your students. Promethean Boards are all equipped to integrate most digital media seamlessly into your presentation or lesson plan. You can now customize and design your classroom experience to compliment and fit you and your students.

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