Promethean Board

Take a passionate educator, add a Promethean ActivPanel Display,
multiply student engagement

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Why a Promethean Board?

The trick to making your students better learners is involving them in the lesson. With the Promethean Board ActivPanel Display, making them part of the class is easy. The screen size allows groups of students to work together at the ActivPanel, while the digital pen and dry erase technology let you paint information in a way they’ll understand. In short, it’s an award winning, highly functional software that’s the centerpiece of classrooms.

promethean board

Multi-Purpose Apps

While many other interactive display systems get confused when more than one person touches the screen, the Promethean Board loves it. Featuring a six-touch surface, it makes group activities and problem-solving the norm in your class.

Promethean board

Promethean board pen

Easy Annotation

Combined with your Promethean Board the digital pen is an all-in-one tool for controlling your presentation. Draw, write, and hover over key points in your presentation, plus use the pen to issue typical touch screen commands like click and close.

Dry-Erase Surface

Easily remove your last edits and sneaky student drawings with the responsive dry-erase surface. When your class is struggling with an idea, just wipe the screen clean in seconds and try a different visual representation.

Promethean board

Promethean board


Use presentations, video, and full sound with built-in speakers to get your ideas across. Some students are visual learners, others are aural. With a Promethean ActivPanel Display, you’ll capture the attention and imagination of everyone.

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