SHARP Aquos Boards

The SHARP Aquos Board offers the most advanced and reliable technology in interactive whiteboards for both the workplace and classroom.

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Why SHARP Aquos?

With a variety of screen sizes that go up to 80”, the SHARP Aquos interactive touch systems provide a wide range of customizable features from screen size to software. It is specifically designed for smooth and effortless communication and collaboration between departments or offices. The Aquos Board’s new technology allows for multiple users to make edits and interact with the board simultaneously. Furthermore, SHARP offers digital pens that allow for you to customize the size, shape, and color of individual users so any note or annotation can be identified and tracked back to the correct user.



Interactive touch displays like the SHARP Aquos Board offers unique opportunities for collaboration. Notes and annotations can happen in real-time from multiple users in separate locations. This empowers companies to brainstorm and communicate more efficiently and effectively between departments and locations.

Remote Access

The SHARP Aquos Board is also fantastic for setting up and managing meetings between numerous locations. The display project smaller sections to feature video feeds from different locations so meetings can be more engaging and authentic.

Total Flexibility

Tailor presentations and demonstrations to the culture and style of your company. Design workflows and functionality based around the day-to-day operations of your business. You can also increase team participation by incorporating digital games and interactive software designed to enhance engagement.

Office Integration (MFP Connectivity)

The SHARP Aquos Board can also be networked to your MFP’s and other printing systems. It can be integrated to scan images from your multi-function device straight to the digital display. You can then annotate and edit the image directly on the display. The Aquos Board offers the best in technical flexibility, enhancing communication, and customizable workflow solutions.

Sharp Aquos Board

Sharp Aquos Board

Power of the Pen

SHARP’s digital pens give you total customizable options. Each pen is equipped with its own digital menu, allowing you to modify text color, font, line width, thickness, and more. All of these options are easy to adjust and can be done easily at your discretion. Furthermore, each Aquos Board is capable of having up to four different users writing on the display simultaneously.

Built for Business

Regardless of the topic or scale of your presentation, an Aquos Board is a perfect fit. Whether you are offering graphics and designs for architects or discussing fiscal statistics and data for a quarterly report, the Aquos Board will bring your presentation to life. Engage your listeners like never before.

Sharp Aquos Board

Multi-Purpose Apps

The Aquos Board comes compatible with a range of apps that can enhance the way it integrates with your workflow. The intuitive touch-screen display gives you total control to quickly find and use apps and software you need to design and build robust and detailed presentations.

Classroom Ready

The SHARP Aquos Board is also perfect for the classroom environment. Whether are you doing calculus in high school, or finger sketches in pre-school, the Aquos Board is a great tool for engaging and inspiring your students. There are also several education specific applications that are great for setting up lesson plans and promoting student interaction.

Sharp Aquos Board

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