Sharp Aquos Boards

Sharp Aquos Boards are the next wave of visual innovation in the work-place and classroom.

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Why a Sharp Aquos Board?

The SHARP Aquos board is a big screen with big features. Available in sizes up to 80”. The Sharp Aquos Board interactive display systems are much more than any other  interactive white boards on the market. The Sharp Aquos Board is Designed for smooth and effortless communication in a wide range of different vertical markets, their highly responsive touch interface allow several people to write on the same Sharp Aquos Board at the same time.

Interactive Display Systems – combined with the Sharp Aquos Board and digital pens – are the ultimate tool for presenting and discussing ideas. They allow for colorful, multi-media presentations and rapid-fire edits, and there are few things more powerful in business than an engaged employee with the power to take their ideas from brain to screen in real time.

Sharp Aquos Board


No more stuffy speaker, 80s presentation video, or 10,000 word powerpoints. With an interactive display, everyone is involved in a fully interactive discussion.

Sharp Aquos

Remote Meetings

Cut your meeting mileage with a shiny new interactive display. Instead of travelling across the country, continent, or world, you can conduct meetings from the comfort of your own conference room.

Sharp Aquos Baord

Complete Flexability

Both in terms of presentation style and interactivity. You’ll be able to tailor your presentations and meetings around the style of your staff, building quizzes, drawings, and games that trigger their creativity.

MFP Connectivity

Scan images from your multi-function printer straight onto your Aquos board, doodle with the SHARP digital pen, then print out exactly what you see on screen.It’s a two-way street that allows unprecedented flexibility and collaboration.

Sharp Aquos Board

Sharp Aquos Board

Power of the Pen

You get full control over your presentation with SHARP’s digital pens. Each comes with its own menu, meaning you get easy access to colors and line thickness. Plus, up to four people can write on the screen at the same time. Don’t get too messy!

Built for Business

From quarterly fiscal reports and staff meetings to annual forecasting and
marketing plans, the Sharp Aquos Board is the perfect foil for your creativity. Create
beautiful presentations, then watch them come to life as you draw out your
ideas for your co-workers and staff members.

Sharp Aquos Board

Multi-Purpose Apps

Instead of bending your presentation to fit the board, the reverse happens. Whether you’re in a meeting room or a lecture hall, SHARP offers an intuitive, touch-screen display that gives you full control to design your message, then hand-edit in real time.

Classroom Ready

Sure, it’s built for business, but the Sharp Aquos board is flexible, and works great in the classroom environment. While other teachers struggle to engage their students, you’ll harness the power of screen size, beautiful color, and a host of applications that’ll make your class look forward to a lecture.

Sharp Aquos Board

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