Interactive Displays & Digital Signage

Smarter technology results in smarter businesses. ACP can help your business up its IQ with the latest technology solutions.


We offer a full list of technologies that’ll help you bring your operations into the 21st century, with interactive touchscreen display systems. Perfect for seminars, classes, and every type of meeting, interactive displays are the next generation of visual learning, be it for business or school.

Interactive Display Systems

For businesses that ask a little more of their interactive white board, the SHARP Aquos Board make visual communication easier and smarter than ever, wherever you’re using it.

For a interactive display experience that’s designed for educators, it’s tough to top the Promethean Interactive Whiteboard. An award winning piece of equipment built for high engagement learning, it’ll change how you teach forever.

Interactive Boards

Interactive Smart Boards are the next wave of visual innovation in the work-place. We’ll help you ride it.

Digital Signage

Looking to make your messaging pop? We can help with Interactive Digital Signage. Indoor, outdoor, wall-mounted – you name it, we can do it.Effectively marketing your business requires a marriage of the right message in the right place. See just how customized our service gets.

Interactive Displays

Effectively marketing your business requires a marriage of the right message in the right place. We can help make it a happy one with our customizable digital signage service.

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