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Smarter technology results in better business. All Copy can help your business with the latest in digital signage and interactive touch displays.

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Interactive Technology Overview

We offer a full catalog of new technology that can help propel your business into the 21st century. Interactive touchscreens are perfect for seminars, classes, meetings, and interdepartmental collaboration. However, this technology expands beyond the business and corporate workplace, they are also great for classrooms.

When interactive technology was first integrated into schools and businesses the goal was to captivate audiences with sharper images and more engaging presentations. As time has passed and technology has continued to evolve, these devices offer an even greater degree of collaboration and engagement than ever before. With multi-surface touch options, digital pens, and numerous software integrations, interactive touch displays can be designed and customized to suit the needs of anyone.


Sharp Aquos Board

The Sharp Aquos Board is available in multiple screen sizes going up to 80”. These fully interactive displays give you the ability to revolutionize how you present and collaborate with colleagues. With brilliant color images, HD compatibility, wireless internet, and touch-screen functionality, the Sharp Aquos Board is great for any meeting or conference room.

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Promethean Board

The Promethean Board is the interactive touchscreen best suited for educators. The Promethean ActivePanel display is powered by an external Android-based PC that offers any classroom a fully-interactive multi-user experience. It comes fully equipped with an interactive display and software options designed for teachers and classrooms. Furthermore, the Promethean Board offers the most advanced multi-user technology on the market allowing for up to 4 users simultaneously.

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Digital Signage

Effective marketing is about balancing the right message and the right location. With our digital signage solutions, you can brand your business better than ever before. With a variety of sizes and customizable options we can ensure your business stands above the competition with a new interactive customer experience.

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