What is Document Management

Simply put – document management is the process of uploading, storing, sharing, and accessing business information in an organized digital archive.

Document Management Overview

Consider all of the information that passes through your business. E-mails, letters, spreadsheets, databases, applications, employee documents, and a myriad of other vital information is constantly being collected and transferred. Managing and organizing all of this physical documentation is a daunting task.

All Copy’s document management solutions are perfect for minimizing the scale of this responsibility. Our team of document management specialists will pick up your documents, scan them into a digital format, save them, and then organize the file library around the workflow of your business. This enables you to take advantage of digital documentation without interrupting the flow of business. Once the system is implemented, you can enjoy the benefits of a customized process that is designed specifically to maximize your operational efficiency.

Benefits of Document Management

The primary benefit to any document management solution is that they enable anyone in your business to have instant access to any document at any time. Regardless of the type of documents you work with, establishing a digital document storage system is sure to increase efficiency, reduce waste, save time, and make your business more organized.

Efficient Data Retrieval

There are few things worse than scouring the office searching for important paperwork that is years old. Accessing old information quickly and easily is one of the most popular benefits to using a document management service. These systems allow us to customize how information is categorized and classified and also offer search features that makes finding old documents easier than ever.

What is Document Management

What is Document Management

Software Integration

Your office may run multiple softwares that use different components and credentials. This is fairly common in today’s business world as most people tend to implement new software on an as-needed basis. Our team of document management specialists can diagnose your operating workflow and ensure that all of your softwares are integrated properly and can be accessed in a single user interface.

Backed Up and Secure

Two threats that regularly face every business are hacks and crashes. All Copy can protect you from these potential threats with consistent and reliable file backups and offering robust security across the entire platform. Our private cloud server offers the best in both on-site and software security, allowing our clients to enjoy
total peace of mind.

What is Document Management

What is Document Management

Environmentally/Space Friendly

By transitioning to digital documentation you immediately reduce paper and energy costs. Furthermore, you no longer need to store and maintain stack and cabinets of aging documents. Not only do you reduce your energy consumption and paper consumption, but you can also end up saving a lot of valuable office space.

Available Solutions

In-house / Premises-Based

In-house, or premise based solutions are manually managed internally. You are responsible for providing the hardware and software for your workflow and then we set up the servers and databases. Premise-based solutions also require your internal I.T. team to manage standard upkeep like optimizing security and keeping your software updated.

However, managing your system on site allows you flexibility in terms of how you integrate your active software and programs. This can result in having to invest and maintain an internal I.T. staff that needs to regularly invest in costly hardware and software updates.


Cloud-based systems allow you to implement a solution that stores your information off-site. There are several advantages to implementing this new technology. One advantage is that we host our servers in a tier-3 data center. These locations offer state-of-the-art backup solutions, regular maintenance, and the best security money can buy.

Scanning Services
Let us help you make the digital transition with our OCR and digital scanning service

The hardest part of the transition from physical to digital documentation is scanning years’ worth of archived documents and then organizing them properly. It is a tedious, time-consuming, and detail-oriented project. All Copy makes this a non-issue by offering a full-service scanning division dedicated to robust scanning projects. We will pick-up, scan, store, and organize your documents around the customized solution that best suits your business model.

Since many of our clients need to digitize private and confidential information, we make sure that our team is always working within compliance standards and protocols. Whether it be HIPAA or other compliance standards, our team of scanning specialists are trained to properly handle and manage confidential information. We also offer certificates of destruction in the event that we are requested to destroy the documents up project completion.


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