What is Document Management

Simply put – document management is a way to upload, store, and access every document in your business, all in one convenient location.

Document Management Overview

Think about every piece of information in your business right now. Databases, spreadsheets, memos, letters – if we asked you to gather them all up, how long would it take? With our document management solutions, the answer is about one second. We can help gather up all your documents, scan them into a digital form, then store them in-house or on a cloud based document management system.

What is Document Management

What’s the Difference?

In-house / Premises-Based

In-house, or Premises-Based document management means you handle everything, as the name suggests, within the four walls of your business. You buy the hardware and software, then we set up the databases and servers. Updates and security are down to your IT team. The benefit? You’ll have more flexibility in integrating it with the systems you already have. That said, premises-based does have its drawbacks. First, you’ll need a dedicated IT staff to keep it ship-shape, and second, the cost can balloon real fast thanks to expensive hardware and software.


Cloud-Based document management stores your info on a secure third-party server hosted in our state-of-the art tier 3 data center. Updates, maintenance, and security are our responsibility, significantly lowering the cost to you. However, compatibility issues sometimes pop up when trying to integrate a third-party system with your own, to combat that you give the opportunity to work with one of our genius specialists to make sure everything is humming together.

Of course, the great benefit of either system is that anyone in your business can have instant access to documents, trivial and important. From timesheets and tax information to vacation time and financial forecasts, digital document storage is sure to make you more efficient, less wasteful, and a little bit more sane when things get busy.

Benefits of Document Management

Document Management comes with benefits that could change how you do business for the better. Who doesn’t want to be more efficient, have easier access to documents and databases, and save space in their office?

Efficient Data Retrieval

There are few things worse than scouring the office for that important document from three years ago. With our document management service, everything – past and present – will be in the same place, accessible any time by you and your staff members.

What is Document Management

What is Document Management

Software Integration

As things stand, your office may run on multiple pieces of software, with different components requiring different credentials and language for use. We’ll make sure all of your software is singing from the hymn sheet, allowing for a common language and user interface throughout the organization making your document management seamless.

Backed Up and Secure

The twin fears of most organizations are crashes and hacks. We can defend you against both with effective, reliable backups up for your files combined with robust security across all documents. We keep all your data safe and sound in our private cloud server, how does peace of mind sound?

What is Document Management

What is Document Management

Environmentally/Space Friendly

How much paper do you waste in a year sending documents throughout your company? By transitioning to digital docs, you’ll save thousands of sheets of paper, and quite possibly thousands of dollars. Not to mention valuable square footage in the office when you ditch bulky filing cabinets.

Scanning Services
Move out of the filing cabinet and into the 21st Century with our digital scanning services.

There’s a reason most businesses are clamoring over themselves to turn hard paper documents into digital files. Actually, there are lots of reasons, chief among them – it’s rather difficult to stay on top of ten years of documents. By scanning them into an document management system, you get full control and easy access whenever you need it. Plus, there’s no risk of losing or damaging them. “The dog ate my timesheet” doesn’t really wash when the timesheet’s a pdf.

Of course, it’s no small task to marshal years of paperwork, prepare it, then scan it into the system. Your time is valuable, so we’re happy to help. We’ve worked with countless companies on scanning, so we know the most efficient ways to work. Needless to say, we handle your documents with utmost discretion and care, ensuring every piece stays private, protected, and post-scanning, destroyed securely. As an added benefit to medical facilities and offices, All Copy’s scanning services meet HIPPA compliance standards.


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