Wide Format Printers

Sometimes the idea is a little bigger than 8.5 x 11. Bring it to life at any size with a Wide Format Printer.

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Popular with engineering firms, construction companies and in-house marketing departments, wide format printers offer a wider range of options than most. Instead of printing at standard dimensions, they can be loaded with a variety of paper sizes, giving you ultimate flexibility. Useful for print collateral, charts, blueprints, schematics and posters, they’re a great option for a business with diverse needs from their printer.

Features & Benefits

There are a bunch of reasons a Wide Format Printer can help you and your business. The possibilities are endless, talk with one of our experts and they can go on for days about these great products. In the meantime here are some of our top features and benefits these powerful machines can do for your business.


Many wide format printers in our catalogue can print and scan in black/white and full color. That means you can produce sharply designed materials in-house, far cheaper than outsourcing to other companies.

managed print


Larger printing is one of those things – you save money the more you do it. If you’re a company that prints high-end, quality materials like clockwork, you’ll up your savings every time you don’t have to outsource the work.


With our wide format printers, you could print your best work at a width of up to 60 inches. Plus, work with all kinds of specialty media, allowing for printing combinations that pop just how you want them to.



The latest generation of wide format systems are far quicker at printing and scanning than older models. Where other companies stand over the printer waiting eons for their latest sheet. You’ll have your document printed, proofed, and packaged already. With our wide format system you will have productivity, higher efficiency and less waiting. Who doesn’t like that? Even better, you won’t have to blow your budget on outsourcing to an expensive print house.



Wide format printers can also be multifunctional, meaning they provide scanning options for you and your business. Print out materials, annotate by hand, then scan them. It’s a great option for noting client or departmental comments, then sending edits via email instantly. There you have it, ten tasks turned into one. Hey, we’re all about efficiency at ACP.

If a wide format printer fits your business needs, contact us today for a free quote.

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