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February 1, 2020
Wide Format Printers

3 Ways to Boost Visibility with a Wide Format Printer

canon wide format printer

Today's businesses are always on the lookout for impactful yet cost-effective marketing approaches that will boost visibility within their industry. Generating buzz about your organization's products and services is essential to beat out your competitors. Signage is a vital piece of any marketing plan. Wide-format ads like billboards, banners, and vehicle graphics can leave a big impression on your target audience. For this reason, a wide format printer is a great tool to help business produce standout graphics that are sure to seize the attention and increase your sales. Let's take a look at what is a wide format printer and what are its capabilities of, and how they will benefit your company.

The capabilities of a wide-format printer

When you print to a wide format printer, paper size makes all the difference. Some printers are capable of printing up to 98 inches wide. With these kinds of options, you can create banners for trade shows, outdoor signs, directories, vehicle wraps, murals, and more. These high-quality images are produced using CMYK and Ultraviolet (UV) ink. UV ink is waterproof and fade proof, making it ideal for outdoor signs. In addition to its durability, this ink can be printed on a wide array of materials such as canvas, vinyl, glossy paper, acrylic, CAD/technical Paper, and fabrics. Giving you the option to print on whatever medium best meets your needs.

Grab control of your print projects

Wide format printing gives your business control over your print jobs. No more outsourcing and overpaying for projects that are often delayed by someone else's workload or waiting for shipping. With a speed that is unmatched by desktop printers and other multifunction devices, wide format printers produce high-quality results at a quick pace right there in your workplace. Meaning you can, you can create your marketing materials at a price that fits your budget, on a schedule that meets your needs.

Create ad materials that work

Wide format ads work. Recent studies show that consumers are more likely to purchase a product or service directly because they noticed a sign for the business. Consumers are also more willing to walk into a place of business if a sign catches their attention. Proving the impact that signage has in your business that speaks to your customers. To start generating buzz for your business, contact All Copy Products for professional advice on the right wide-format printer for your business.

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