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March 9, 2020

5 Aspects to Consider When Buying a Copy Machine

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Whether you own a small business or supervise a large, demanding enterprise, investing in a new business-grade copier is always a major undertaking. However, buying a new copy machine is not as simple as checking the price tag to find a device within your price range. While cost is obviously an important consideration, other factors should also influence any purchasing decisions you make. The following highlights several aspects to keep in mind as you shop for a new print device to help you find a model that best fits your business’s unique needs.

1. Upgrade Options

The vast majority of modern copiers come with a healthy list of standard features. However, there is always room for upgrades, especially as your office’s printing needs evolve throughout the course of ownership. Pay close attention to any add-on features that enhance your copier’s capabilities, and also improve overall office efficiency and productivity. Common device add-ons include:

  • Finishing options for pamphlets, booklets, and tri-folded materials
  • Card readers for access control
  • Larger output trays for uninterrupted, high-volume copying
  • Hard drive encryption and wipe options for enhanced security

2. Print Volume

Print volume is another important aspect of your new copier purchase to consider. Your office’s average volume of printing, copying, and faxing can ultimately determine the size and type of copier that is ideal for your office environment. Larger copiers with higher-capacity paper trays and higher page-per-minute (ppm) speeds can be beneficial for enterprise-level businesses with multiple users and heavy print volumes.

Before finalizing your copier choice, determine your office’s average print volume either through auditing tools or by reviewing previous print shop service agreements. This will give you a better idea of your actual printing needs and the workgroup of copiers that is best suited for those needs.

3. Color Printing

Color printing is a surprisingly overlooked aspect of document production, especially when choosing a copier based on budget. Having the ability to print in color can be extremely valuable if you are producing images, presentations, or other documents in color. A copier with color capabilities may come with a slightly higher price but will offer lower long-term costs by eliminating the need for outsourcing these print jobs.

Purchasing a copier that only prints in black and white may offer greater initial savings, but it can also severely limit what users are able to do with the copier. Consider your business’s most common print needs along with your budget when choosing a copier with color capability.

4. Mobile Printing

With the proliferation of mobile devices and more companies following the “Bring Your Own Device” trend to increase worker productivity, mobile printing is becoming a de facto requirement in most office environments. As a result, the overwhelming majority of current copier models offer wireless printing capabilities directly from smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. Such a feature comes in handy for streamlining the document production process, eliminating the desktop as the middleman for document creation while increasing overall productivity among mobile device users.

5. Equipment Integration

The last important consideration is how well your new copier will fit with the rest of your document production equipment. Seamless integration offers a host of benefits, including minimal disruption of ongoing projects and minimal impact on worker productivity and IT infrastructure. Even the user interface can have a significant impact on integration efforts, since new UI often requires significant user retraining that affects print volume and overall productivity.

There is a lot to think about when it comes to buying a copy machine. If your company needs a guiding hand for procuring the right printing equipment for its office environment, contact the office technology experts at All Copy Products, today.

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