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April 6, 2020

5 Ways Businesses in Colorado Benefit from Multifunction Printers

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As computers slowly took over offices and businesses across the world, many people assumed that it would lead to the death of paper documents. Somehow, that has simply proven untrue. Even in the great state of Colorado, most businesses are still handling countless pieces of paper every day. That Means you still need efficient ways to manage paper documents, and that will always lead to multifunctional printers (MFPs).Here are five ways a Multifunction Printer could help your Colorado business.

Reduce Office Costs

Topping the list is the most obvious benefit of multifunctional printers: they save money. Consolidating functions into a single device reduces the total number of devices needed to serve the office. It leads to less energy usage, a lower total cost for ink and consumables, lower maintenance costs, and lower rates of equipment replacement. There are, quite simply, fewer places where things can go wrong. The fact that multifunctional printers are designed to be more efficient than their counterparts only adds to the potential savings.

The Burden of Knowledge Problem

When you introduce a new tool to a business, it comes with a burden of knowledge. Employees have to learn how to use it, or you’re wasting your money. This involves learning curve and might require additional training. At a minimum, a burden of knowledge comes with reduced productivity while the staff familiarize themselves with the tool.

In terms of printing services, every single device includes its own burden of knowledge. Learning how to interface with the device, connect to it to the network, and deal with things like paper jams takes time and effort. When you use multifunction printers to reduce the number of devices in the business, you lower the overall burden of knowledge for the employees working there.

Improving Security

Digital Security is a scary topic for a lot of small- and medium-sized businesses. Handling sensitive client or customer data is virtually inevitable, but a single breach in security can be devastating. No one wants to think about how their office equipment can be the weak link in security that leads to a data breach, but it’s a truth that must be faced.

Multifunction Printers help with this problem in two important ways. First, they get rid of devices that are potential weak points. It might seem crazy that consolidating printing and copying tools can have this many benefits, but here we are. On top of mitigating risks in a network, Multifunction Printers add security to your printing environment. The devices are designed for this type of use, and they come with more networking and security built into the device than the myriad alternative devices.

Empowering Employees

Lowering the burden of knowledge on employees is already empowering, but multifunction printers offer a second source of empowerment: they promote digitization. When Documents are digitized, you get access to tools that make information handling and processing so much easier. Digitized documents can be automatically sorted and filed. They can be quickly and efficiently searched with software. They’re Easier to share and improve collaboration. This far into the 21st century, every business should prioritize digitized documentation. MFPs can help you meet those goals.

Advanced Functions

For any given document management device, adding advanced functions increases the price. For Instance, if you want a scanner that is fully networked, accessible via smartphones and their apps, and has great security features, you are going to pay a premium. That holds true for printers, copiers, and the rest of these tools. Having advanced features can be great for productivity, but when you scale it across too many devices, it can become costly.

Once again, the concept of lowering your overall device count is saving the day. With an MFP, an advanced feature for one function aids all of the functions. You only need one smartphone app, network solution, or duplexer to serve every component of document management.

There’s no question that your Colorado business could gain a lot from investing in a multifunction printer. If you want to see exactly what it would take to get your next device up and running, contact us today. We’re always happy to help!

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