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August 1, 2018

All Copy Products Rebrands and Introduces New Logo

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DENVER, CO (August 1st, 2018) -- All Copy Products, a respected copier dealership and office technology company, is proud to announce the launch of a new corporate name, brand identity, and tagline. The company will now be known as ACP, as reflected in the new logo, accompanied by the tagline - “Complete Office Technology Solutions”The ACP rebranding is part of the organization’s strategy to create growth and new opportunities related to document management, workflow software, facilities management, digital signage, interactive displays, and more. Verticomm, the I.T. division of ACP, will now be positioned as the leading solutions provider for services related to cloud solutions, network management, phone systems, and other managed I.T. services.

Continued Growth

The new branding and logo is a reflection of the evolution and growth that All Copy Products has experienced over the past decade. Under the new ACP banner, the company plans to grow a wide range of technology-focused products and services that are not strictly focused on existing copier technologies.“We are excited to rebrand All Copy Products into ACP, a complete office technology company,” said Brad Knepper, Owner & CEO of ACP. “Over the past decade, All Copy Products experienced tremendous growth and evolved our products and services resulting in a strong reputation for quality and service. As our technology expanded, we moved into new product areas and realized that we have grown far beyond being a copier dealership only. Today’s announcement of updating our brand and logo as ACP is the culmination of months of strategic work to define our future vision, products, and services. We look forward to a bright future as a leading office technology company.”The new company logo has some similarities to our previous branding while adding the new ACP name and tagline. The combined technology feel and representation will give All Copy Products’ employees and customers a firm understanding of our future direction and service offerings. The end goal is to grow into one of the largest private office technology solutions providers in the country.As part of ACP’s growth, construction is now underway on a new corporate headquarters in downtown Denver. It is expected to be fully operational in the summer of 2019. Teams from ACP and Verticomm will work together in a state-of-the-art work environment, specially designed to support and accommodate a rapidly growing organization.

About ACP

ACP (formerly All Copy Products), is a complete office technology company based in Denver, CO. ACP offers a wide range of technology products for businesses ranging from copier products, document management services, facilities management, digital signage, interactive displays, managed I.T. services, cloud solutions, and telephony.For more information, visit

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