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February 6, 2020
Managed Print Services

Benefits of a Managed Print Services Assessment

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Managed print services (MPS) can provide a wide range of benefits to businesses of any size. From cost savings to improvements in efficiency and productivity, an MPS provider can drastically improve your organization's printing process. It all starts with an assessment of your current printing environment; an evaluation will help identify areas to cut costs, identify improvements in workflows, and incorporate technology into your print environment.

Here is an overview of the steps involved in a typical managed print services assessment.

1) Analyze the printing infrastructure

First, we will review and map out your current printing infrastructure. Every device will be analyzed to help design a plan that will optimally utilize your fleet. These findings may lead to a recommendation of consolidating, adding, and replacing existing equipment with more efficient technology or confirm your current equipment fits all your needs.

2) Understanding the usage of your devices

Data collection tools can automatically collect usage information from all devices on your network. Providing a detailed report of device type, age, color usage, and other patterns of utilization throughout the document lifecycle.

3) Breakdown of costs

Understanding the actual costs of printing is a vital aspect of a managed print services assessment. You will be provided with direct and indirect costs associated with each device. This takes into account device usage, maintenance, service, and supplies. Having a blueprint of your expenses makes it easier to find potential cost savings.

4) Workflow analysis

It's essential to figure out how information flows through your organization. Our managed print services team will find areas of inefficiency and propose alternate options that can improve the speed and processes of your workflows. Your fleet will be strategically set up in a way that will maximize your print efforts.

5) Minimize your environmental impact

Finally, a managed print services assessment will help your business reduce its environmental impact. This could be due to a switch in devices with lower energy consumption, or it could be a reduction in paper usage by integrating electronic forms wherever possible. Reducing waste and improving efficiency goes hand-in-hand with minimizing your environmental footprint.

An in-depth assessment can lead to some valuable changes to your printing fleet, leading to cost savings and improvements in workflow efficiency. To get more information on how a managed print services assessment can impact your print fleet, contact All Copy Products to set up an assessment.

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