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February 1, 2023

Copier Dealers vs. Manufacturers: Which One is Better to Work With?

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Andrew Goodwin Headshot
Andrew Goodwin
February 1, 2023

Andrew Goodwin currently holds the position of Marketing Content Specialist at ACP, one of the leading office technology dealers based in Denver, Colorado. In his role, Mr. Goodwin assumes the responsibility for the creation of a diverse range of marketing content. This includes, but is not limited to, blog posts, graphic design projects, copywriting, and social media management.

Every office relies on the office copier to help carry out a major portion of company tasks. This means that the full potential of business productivity can’t be reached unless the best copier is chosen from the best place to lease or purchase them. 

When in the market for a new copier or multifunction printer, the two primary options from which to get one are local authorized copier dealers and manufacturers. This can make it challenging for companies to decide which option better suits their business needs. Below, an in-depth exploration into the benefits and drawbacks of each choice will be laid out for easier understanding.

What Can You Expect When Working With an Independent Copier Dealer?

Offers a Range of Brands

Of all the benefits of local authorized copier dealers, perhaps the most significant is the wide range of brands that they offer. Employees are experts about not just one, but a handful of manufacturers and how they all compare to each other. They listen closely to the needs of each client and will know exactly which brand like Sharp, Canon, Konica Minolta, etc. is the right fit for them.

In-Person Demonstrations

An independent copier dealer can provide a print job walkthrough of the customer’s choice on any brand of device that they offer. This means customers can compare every aspect of each brand on their personal print jobs, such as print speed or how many steps each job takes. Experts at local dealers will be ready to answer questions about any of the vast selection of brands and demo devices and provide the time, attention and advice it takes to come to a recommendation.

What Can You Expect When Working With a Manufacturer?

Offers One Brand

Manufacturers only offer one brand, and that can be a positive feature for certain buyers. For example, a business owner will likely shop at a Canon manufacturer brand if they are a decades-long loyal customer of Canon. It will save time for that business owner to only view the latest Canon multifunction printers if they know exactly what they want.

In-Person Demonstrations

Prospective and returning customers can each benefit from an in-person demo at a manufacturer. At these branches, it is guaranteed that they will have a showcase of all their latest machines and technologies. Customers old and new can therefore take advantage of the cutting-edge technology found at the manufacturer. 

What are the Major Differences Between Copier Dealers and Manufacturers?

Acquiring a new copier or multifunction printer is a significant financial decision that often sets up a recurring partnership with the seller. It is important to know the differences between copier dealers and manufacturers so businesses don’t end up spending more time and money than needed.

Working With Global Operations

Companies on a global scale are often better suited to work with manufacturers for multiple reasons. Local copier dealers are typically unable to ship overseas since MFPs and copiers are expensive to move long distances. There are other logistics such as time zones, currency conversions, and unforeseen difficulties that come with clientele of that size which can make manufacturers a better fit for global corporations.

Financing Options

When planning on leasing instead of buying a copier, it is important to know the differences of the common financing structures between independent copier dealers and manufacturers. Local dealers will usually work with a leasing copier company to finance equipment, meaning customers can anticipate more than one contract as part of the deal. Manufacturers typically have the bandwidth to offer financing plans by themselves, which can simplify the leasing process for customers.

Costs & Pricing

When working with an independent dealer, customers will sometimes assume that they will end up paying more for their equipment since the transaction is through an intermediary. However, local dealers have the flexibility to offer lower prices. They have fewer operational costs, more to offer in terms of servicing plans and other accessory options, and more brands that they purchase from. Customers will therefore find that independent copier dealers are more often able to offer their products at a discount.

Level of Expertise

Buying from a manufacturer holds customers to support pipelines that are only educated on one brand. The expertise found at a local dealership comparatively stretches far beyond. They will be knowledgeable about a variety of manufacturer lines, understand the nuanced comparisons between them, and also help with your entire office machine environment. 

Customized Solutions

If a business decides to work with a manufacturer, they are forced to purchase from their limited output selection. An independent dealer can offer true customizability because their diversity of brand options guarantees the best possible fit. 

Why Should Your Business Buy From a Local Dealer?

From supporting the local community to receiving the care and attention that only independent dealers can provide, it is wise for most businesses to turn to local dealers for their office technology needs. 

Support Your Local Community

Supporting the local economy provides benefits for everyone. Local dealers often support charities and causes that improve the whole community, and they care about fostering deep relationships and word-of-mouth connections. A business that buys local instead of from global manufacturers also has more to talk about when discussing their core values with the media. This is good for company integrity and also keeping a loyal customer base. 

Service Speed and Quality

When a business chooses a local provider, they can expect speedy and effective service. Technicians will be able to service a wide variety of machines, and their close proximity means businesses will get help far quicker than from a manufacturer. 

Billing Support

Although independent dealers often use third-party leasing companies to handle their billing, there are far fewer hoops to jump through compared to manufacturers when mistakes happen and corrections are needed. Local copier dealers also have a high standard of service, which means they’re more likely to accept accountability when things go wrong.

Why is it Important to Buy Your Copier From an Authorized Dealer?

Authorized copier dealers like ACP are providers that guarantee 100% authentic equipment. Unlike most chain retail stores, employees at authorized dealers also have deep expertise because we specialize in the equipment that we sell. 

Flexible Purchasing Options

Authorized dealers can often provide flexibility with purchasing and leasing plans. When you work with a dealer, you can receive special plans that allow you to keep your equipment up-to-date without needing to frequently purchase new equipment. 

Work Exclusively With Genuine Equipment & Accessories

Authorized copier dealers only work with genuine parts the whole way through. This means we will never repair machines with third party parts and create the risk of incompatibility or decreasing life span.

Thorough Consultations

We care deeply about finding the right match for every one of our clients. As members of the community, we have a vested interest in ensuring the perfect equipment match. This is why authorized dealers always take the time to give a thorough consultation before making equipment recommendations.

On-Site Maintenance

The perks of staying local run deep, with on-site maintenance being one of the major advantages. We’ll keep your equipment in great shape without you needing to hassle with shipping it away. With an average of 4 hour response time, you can get your machines fixed on the very same day. 

Final Thoughts

Purchasing or leasing your office technology devices through verified dealers like ACP means you are receiving 100% genuine equipment with the highest quality warranty and maintenance services. And you’ll be setting up a lasting partnership that saves you tremendous time and money down the line. Contact us today to learn more!

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