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Document Management
Published on
January 17, 2020

Document Management System: Efficiency & Reliability

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Chris Williams
January 17, 2020

I'm a driven, creative marketing guru known for making serious waves in the digital marketing space. I love thinking outside the box and am always on the lookout for fresh ways to shake up marketing communications and drive growth. I'm all about delivering top-notch results and never settling for "good enough."

Document management system is a dedicated system that is responsible for the effective storage, management, and tracking of electronic documents.  In today’s digital world, a document management system can enable a business to go paperless – or at least as paperless as we possibly can.  With document management, your paper documents are scanned, captured, and digitally stored in one central location.  This eliminates clutter, offers easy access, and puts an end to lost documents. Document management makes it possible to get rid of physical filing cabinets in favor of electronic storage.  The organizational system is based on the custom workflow of your business.  Consequently, there is no learning curve or loss in productivity after moving to a digital workflow.  In fact, many companies already maintain a great deal of their documents in digital form so it is possible to move to a document management software without a bunch of scanning.

The benefits of document management system, are not just limited to better storage and less paper.  Other advantages include:


When you combine document management with cloud computing, accessing your information becomes simple and easy.  Documents can be securely accessed from almost anywhere with an internet connection.  This convenience supports collaboration between employees since a single document can be viewed simultaneously by multiple people in different locations.

Version Control:

With multiple users able to access a document at the same time, it is essential that the document be up-to-date.  Furthermore, it is also vital to have records of previous versions.  This service offers a “track changes” feature which allows users to see the history of edits applied to a file.  This feature allows for editing transparency as it shows what changes have been made, when they were made, and who made them.  Version control and the ability to see how documents have been altered greatly enhances internal transparency and reduces human error.


A document management system will help ensure security of your confidential information both internally and externally.  Files can easily, be lost, stolen, or misplaced.  Document management software serves as a simple solution for maintaining security and confidentiality.  Since document management software is digital and customizable, you can set access parameters and editing rights to appropriate internal divisions. Having a defined workflow with established security parameters is perfect for businesses that work with confidential data like social security numbers, credit card information, or personal information.  Lastly, audit trails provide you with a complete history of any activity performed on a document allowing for total internal transparency.


Users can leave a comment, record feedback, add annotations, or include verification stamps on a document at any time during its life.  All feedback is tracked and archived electronically, making collaboration between departments fast and easy.


Document management allows users to quickly access a document with a keyword search or by applying a search filter.  You can also support various file formats including presentations, PDFs, slide decks, and more.  Digital documents can be shared easily with users by electronic distribution, eliminating the need to print out and distribute paper by hand.  These features of document management make information sharing within an organization quite robust and efficient.

Document management systems are different, and while one may be the perfect solution for one business, it may not fit another.  While the primary function remains the same, additional features vary from one software to another.  Contact All Copy Products to learn more about how a customized document management system can help enhance the functionality of your business.

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