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August 31, 2020

Find Out Why Your Copier Always Breaks Down

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Anytime something in the office breaks down, whether it’s communication, teamwork, or a process, it can be a productivity killer. Your office copier is an essential tool that can create a bottleneck in office efficiency and end productivity until it’s back up and running. 

Knowing how to identify and repair common copier problems is one of the best ways to keep the office running smoothly. And knowing when to call your service tech for copier repair versus when to check the problem yourself can keep your bottom line out of the red.  

Let’s take a look at some of the most common copier problems, fix them, and call in the copier repair professionals. 

Most Common Copier Problems

Some copier problems are a bigger deal than others. Luckily, there are a few that are common and can be fixed on the spot. Here are some of the top copier problems you’ll run into whether you buy the best machine on the market or a used, under-maintained copier from a reseller. 

Paper jams

The dreaded paper jam is inevitable in any machine. It’s less likely in some modern, high-tech machines, but still inevitable. That’s just the nature of getting moving metal to move flexible, imperfect paper. While most paper jams are a simple fix, the unfortunate truth is that some paper jams can end up creating more significant problems, including a more serious breakage that requires a service call and repairs. 

The first thing to remember is not to open the cover and pull on the paper. That typically just causes the paper to rip. By the time you get enough out of the way that you can start making copies again, there are often small pieces of paper caught in the mechanism. Those tiny pieces of ripped paper are like time bombs. They can cause bigger breakage and more difficult paper jams. 

Instead of pulling on the paper, there will be a release lever or button that will open the machine up so you can gently remove the paper from the roller mechanism. There are a few simple ways to help prevent paper jams. One unexpected preventative step is to fan the paper to gently separate the pages before loading it into the tray. 

You can also keep the paper tray from getting half full. It’s easier on the machine, and less space for the paper to pass through means a lower likelihood of the paper bending or moving out of place before being fed through the machine. Finally, load the paper right side up. Not everyone realizes that there is an indicator arrow on the packaging. That arrow is there to tell you which side of the paper should be loaded upward. Paper does, in fact, have a top and bottom. 

Take these simple preventative measures and remember to remove the paper jam without pulling to keep your copier free from one of the most common copier problems every company runs ends up facing at one point or another. 

Copier Overheating

It’s possible for a copier to be overworked. If your office is busy and the copier is on the job all day, five to seven days a week, overheating is increasingly likely. Add to this an irregular maintenance schedule, and you’ve got all the makings for an inevitable breakdown. 

The only thing you can really do when your office copier overheats is to stop using it for an hour, maybe even several hours to give it a good rest. When overheating occurs once in a while, this will work. However, in the long run overheating will happen more frequently and will require longer waiting periods. 

To avoid frequent overheating and work bottlenecks, not to mention frustration and dips in office morale, the best thing to do is keep a regular maintenance schedule. 

You can also give it a little space by making sure it’s not tucked away in a corner under hot lights. Don’t stack boxes around or against the copier. And make sure there is some airflow, whether that means adding a fan nearby or keeping the copier room door open.

Copier Maintenance

Maintenance is probably the most important factor when it comes to avoiding copier breakdowns. You can keep problems from backing up and creating larger issues later.

You can keep your office copier in optimal condition. And you can get tips from your service professional, such as known issues, a heads up on the condition of your machine, and advice on when it may be time to upgrade. 

Imagine how much time and money your office can save with simple check-ups and regular maintenance. Avoid interruptions to office productivity and be able to budget for your copier replacement timeline with no surprises. 

The Wrong Size Copy Machine

Copier size is more of an issue than many people realize. It’s common to see organizations err on the side of caution when making a purchase. They often want something that will work hard, but they don’t want to over-invest.

Ending up with a bunch of extra bells and whistles just isn’t attractive when you’re making a big purchase that isn’t particularly flashy. However, when the wrong-sized copy machine ends up in a busy office, it can hold the team back.

A copy machine needs not only to suit your organization’s needs but should be able to accommodate the growth of your company and team. Invest in a copier that will suit your needs now and in the immediate future. You’ll avoid overheating and other common breakdowns. And you’ll avoid spending more on maintenance than needed, sooner than needed.

Final word: Avoiding Copiers Break Downs

Anticipating breakdowns and being able to fix common copier problems is essential to maintaining a healthy copier and productive office. However, the real solution is to purchase the right copier in the first place. When you choose the right size copier with options for your team that will grow with your organization, you’ll avoid many common breakdowns and expensive, premature replacements. 

Call the professionals at All Copy Products to help you discover the ideal, custom copier solution for your busy office. When you choose the right copier you’ll avoid many common breakdowns. Call the professionals at ACP to help you discover the ideal, custom copier solution for your busy office. 

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