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July 21, 2020
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How Body Temperature Kiosks Help Protect Your Business

body temperature kiosk

With new information being released daily concerning COVID-19 and its effects on our communities, it is important that businesses keep their employees and customers as safe as possible. People who are sick should not enter workplaces and risk infecting those around them. However, there are times when people are unaware they have an illness and go about their day like normal, interacting with others. If businesses implemented various checkpoints and controls around workplaces, illnesses would not spread as easily and people would be safer from contracting them. Because a fever is the most common symptom of most viruses, taking the temperatures of everyone entering the workplace is a good place to start and is a vital step for all businesses.

What Exactly is a Body Temperature Kiosk?

Automated temperature kiosks were created to take people’s body temperatures with zero contact involved. The kiosk will recognize a face, read the body temperature, store the data, and show the results within seconds. All a person has to do is stand in front of it. The kiosk can also be equipped with facial recognition, so returning employees’ data can be logged for months. The kiosk is small and can be mounted at various places near the entrance of buildings to ensure everyone will notice it and use it.

How do Body Temperature Kiosks work?

Automated temperature kiosks use thermal imaging to measure someone’s external body temperature. Infrared light is used to conduct these screenings. ACP’s kiosks are very accurate and have a marginal error of ±0.2 ºC. Normal temperatures will read around 37 ºC (98.6 ºF), while a moderate fever is 38 ºC (100.4 ºF). People will stand between 0.3-1 meter away to get their temperature read and results will be displayed in a few seconds. If a person has a normal body temperature, the kiosk will display the words “entry” in green to ensure they are safe to enter the workplace. If the person has an abnormal body temperature indicating an illness or virus, the kiosk will alert the person being scanned and display the words “no entry” in red. The kiosk can take temperatures from the forehead so people are able to wear masks while getting scanned.

Body Temperature Kiosks vs. a Traditional Thermometer

Kiosks are a cleaner, more comfortable, and more efficient alternative to traditional thermometer screenings that can cause issues within the workplace.

• Physical contact from traditional thermometers can spread bacteria, but ACP's kiosks are non-contact so no one has to touch anything during the screening

• Thermometers require a cleaning and change of plastic covering before each screening which can be expensive and time consuming, while kiosks do not require any sanitation or reset before a new scan

• Thermometer readings take longer to complete and can create waiting lines in the workplace that infringe on social distancing, while each kiosk takes less than 5 seconds to complete

• Traditional thermometers lack self-sufficiency and require a trained worker or medical professional that must be paid to conduct the screenings, while temperature kiosks operate independently and do not need constant         management

• Mandatory thermometer screenings can be invasive, uncomfortable, and do not respect the conformity of social distancing with workers screening multiple people. Kiosks do not require others to be in a close proximity to you

What is the Value of Purchasing an Automated Temperature Kiosk?

While temperature kiosks can range in price and some can be more expensive than others, it is important to keep in mind how they remove the threat of viruses and illnesses that may not be detected before leaving home. Using an automated temperature kiosk is not a foolproof way to get rid of illnesses, but it is a great tool that can be used to take precautionary measures against them. ACP's kiosks remove all of the issues that traditional thermometers possess, and are durable enough to last years as they are waterproof and dust-proof. Body temperature kiosks comply with new regulations made by state and federal governments regarding the pandemic and will continue to provide a sense of relief to everyone after the pandemic is over. With a body temperature kiosk protecting your business, the chance of any illness entering your workplace is reduced, and workers will feel safer in a healthy environment.

ACP is happy to help you protect your business. Contact one of our temperature kiosk experts today!

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