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March 26, 2020
Office Coffee

How to Make Your Employees Happy: Good Office Coffee!

drinking coffee at work

There are few pleasures more enjoyed in life than starting the day with the wonderful aroma of freshly brewed coffee. If your team seems to be dragging their feet a bit in the mornings and taking more time than usual to get focused and motivated, the answer may be as simple as upping your in-house office coffee game. Providing high-quality coffee lets your staff know that you care about them and want them to start their workday with a delicious cup of java! This simple and relatively inexpensive perk can make a huge difference in how your employees approach their workday. And how they feel about their employer.

Engage the senses and heighten productivity

Coffee can affect all of the senses, and perk up people's brains with its smell, taste, and warmth. Did you know that coffee consumption can boost the level of dopamine production in the brain, creating feelings of pleasure and increasing motivation? Increased productivity is an obvious benefit, but it's not the only one. By providing barista-grade coffee in-house, you will help your staff save time and money while still enjoying their morning. Starting the day with a cup of great coffee enables your team to take a moment to plan out their day, review their agenda, and set their to-dos. Providing this benefit also gives them extra time, as they will no longer need to stop on the way to the office to meet their coffee needs.

Chit chat over a cup of coffee can increase morale and employee engagement

When your staff feels comfortable with taking little breaks during the day, it helps them to maintain a high level of focus when they are working. No one wants to feel like they can't step away from their desks for mental or physical break. Good coffee can also encourage staff to congregate in the break room and get to know each other better. When employees feel more connected to their co-workers and their company, they tend to be more engaged and involved in producing high-quality work. Creating a work culture that allows room to socialize and interact with co-workers over non-work related topics can make a sizable difference in employees' overall attitude toward their work, collaboration, and the company at large.

A full-service coffee bar will encourage innovation

The idea of a pot of drip coffee sitting on a warmer all day doesn't seem too appealing these days, especially when compared to all of the amazing coffee options that are now available. Office coffee machines can now make iced coffee, flavored coffee, mochas, espresso drinks, and several other types of coffee. An in-house coffee system can also be better for the environment. Sustainability is increased when you provide non-disposable mugs, biodegradable stir sticks, and the like. Upgrading your coffee bar may not cost you as much as you think, while the benefits can be limitless.

Want to find out more about how providing high-quality coffee in-house can help your staff start the day with some pep in their step and increase productivity? Contact us today and we can start the conversation about our professional office coffee services.

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