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March 30, 2020
Interactive Boards

Is a Sharp Aquos Board Right for Your Business?

sharp aquos board in conference room

The Sharp Aquos Board is a transformative interactive display system that combines the projector, whiteboard, touchscreen computer, and TV into a single powerful device. The Sharp Aquos Board generates a high-tech multimedia center for a conference center or boardroom. This technology was designed for smooth and effortless communication. The Sharp Aquos features a responsive touch pen, which permits multiple people to write on the touch screen at the same time. The Sharp Display Connect software allows any live changes made to the presentation to be displayed through digital technology, instantaneously.

Here are some of the situations in which the Sharp Aquos Board can be advantageous to a business environment.

Planning and Brainstorming

Brainstorming And strategic planning sessions usually involve team members putting ideas on pieces of paper or a standard dry erase board. At the end of the session, the ideas to be saved are typed up and compiled in a single document. Thanks to the Sharp Aquos Board, brainstorming and strategic planning sessions do not have to involve transcribing. The Sharp Aquos has been preloaded with a multitude of templates, such as to-do lists, calendars, graph paper, and action plans. This interactive board will permit you to make lists and notes on the screen during the session and, at the end, you will be able to save your work to a computer and email it to all the members attending the session. If you prefer to have a printed copy, you can print the notes directly from a multi-function printer.

Presentations and Training

With Sharp's Uv2A photo-alignment technology, spectacular HD clarity, and backlit design, your presentations will be brighter, clearer, and easier to read than ever before. The screen of a Sharp Aquos Interactive Board is similar to that of a smartphone or tablet. You will be able to zoom in and out of key parts of your presentation, emphasize topics, highlight key points, and make annotations with the Sharp Pen or directly via touch.

Video Conferencing

Thanks to theSharp Aquos Board, it will be easier than ever to have your team members interact despite being in different locations.All of your team members will be able to view the presentation and write on the screen in real-time. The Sharp Aquos is the perfect tool for teleconferences and webinars.

A large interactive display system like the Sharp Aquos Board can make a huge difference when it comes to getting a message across thanks to its 60-inch,70-inch, and 80-inch models. It also provides businesses with high-quality tools, which are easy to use and navigate to present information in new and effective ways. The Sharp Aquos Board touch-panel has a full HD resolution and is equipped with Sharp's UV2A photo alignment. The amazing HD resolution will give an extra sense of oomph to your presentations. You will enjoy vivid color images and energy-efficient white LEDs, which are distributed evenly across the panel for greater text legibility and uniform brightness.

The Aquos Board features integration with a number of video conferencing and integration technologies, such as Skype, WebEx, and GoToMeeting. The system is completely compatible with many Microsoft products, such as Microsoft Windows 7, MicrosoftOffice Suite, and Microsoft Touch Pack for Windows.

To learn more about whether the Sharp Aquos Board is right for your business, feel free to contact ACP so that you can start sharing, presenting, recording, and creating ideas in real-time. The Sharp Aquos Board will transform the way that you do business and will make a world of difference in terms of your presentation.

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