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March 12, 2020

Is Your MFP Equipped to Finish Strong?

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Beautifully produced documents don’t just magically appear out of thin air, no matter how much your business wishes they did. Instead, that task is left to the ultra practical multifunction printer(MFP).As the indispensable staple of offices across the world, MFPs play a multifaceted role in the workplace when it comes to creating, customizing, and managing documents. However, these devices’ copying, faxing, and printing functions are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to their usefulness.

MFPs also offer a number of other productivity-enhancing features, many which sadly go unused by some organizations. These features can cut out the mundane, time-, and labor-consuming manual tasks involved in turning a document from functional to fantastic. In this blog post, we will shed some light on these finishing options and what they can do for your organization’s business processes.

How Finishers Benefit Your Office and Its Documents

Think of your multifunction printer as a marathon runner, built to last and handle the large jobs that lie ahead. The last thing you’d want is for your MFP to start out strong by breaking into a sprint, only to run out of gas and flounder at the finish line. Your MFP’s finishing options provide that last major push over the finish line, allowing you to complete those tedious but necessary finishing tasks that help enhance your printed documents, without any human intervention save for the setup process.

Just as the name implies, these finishing options come at the end of your MFP’s document creation process, finishing the job cleanly and professionally based on your organization’s needs. These options run the gamut from stapling and hole punching to sorting, folding, and insertion. Tasks that would normally take valuable time and effort to accomplish in-office or require outsourcing to a third-party professional printer can be handled effortlessly in-house through your MFP’s finishing equipment.

Common Finishing Options

Your document finishing needs may differ depending on your organization’s goals. If folding and sorting are finishing options your office needs, for instance, you can have these features added on to your MFP with remarkable ease. Here are some of many of the finishing options that are available for use with most MFPs.

  • Staplers – Instead of manually stapling booklet after booklet, you can leave this task in the capable, automated hands of your MFP. The stapler finishing option can easily handle batch jobs, plus some add-ons offer the ability to use stitches in lieu of staples for easier recycling and shredding.
  • Folders – Folding options give your MFP the ability to fold printed documents with relative ease and precision, saving time while increasing office productivity.
  • Feeders – MFPs can be combined with roll feed systems that feed and cut sheets according to specification for large-scale printing jobs. Dual-mode sheet feeders offer the ability to combine two MFPs, even those from different brands, with the same finishing device for added efficiency.
  • Sorters – This finishing option enables your MFP to automatically sort through large printing batches according to desired settings, eliminating a potentially time-consuming task traditionally done by hand.
  • Hole Punchers – Automated hole punch systems allow for clean, precise, and accurate punches while eliminating the tedious manual labor often needed for such jobs. Hole punching is convenient for creating documents destined for books and binders or to be bound with combs.
  • Booklet Makers – These fully-integrated finishing options provide a complete system for creating professional documents and publications.

If you want your document creation process to finish strong, it pays to invest in finishing options for your MFP. To learn more about the broad range of finishing options available, contact us today.

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