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August 17, 2020

The Best Time To Buy an Office Copier

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It’s easy to say that the best time to buy an office copier is before the existing copier dies on you, but the truth is waiting until your tech breaks down, or just before, is a terrible plan. There are times when you will want to consider buying your new copier that has nothing to do with your existing copier's life. You want the right copier for your business and your goals, installed at the right time without interruption to your daily productivity or workflow. 

Please take a look at the following top considerations when evaluating whether it’s the perfect time to buy your next office copier. 

What do you use your office copier for?

Office copiers are crucial, even in a world that favors paperless offices and minimal electricity costs. The truth is that copiers will continue to be an invaluable staple in any office. However, they have evolved into multifunction printers, able to handle a variety of jobs that once required dedicated machines, such as a copier, printer, fax machine, people for collating and stapling, and more. 

Now that the world is mostly digital, multifunction printers can also handle digital jobs and paperless workflows such as remote assignments, file sharing, and emailing. While this streamlined efficiency makes your all-in-one printer a powerful tool, it also means you risk a workflow bottleneck if you don’t replace it at the right time.

Here are to questions you need to ask yourself when considering which will be the best copier for your small business as well as when to take the leap and get your next machine: 

What current workflow goals need to be met with my office copier?

What future business goals can I expect to plan for that will involve using the office copier?

Together, these questions will help you better understand current needs and upgrade or maybe even add additional machines. 

What to consider when buying an office copier?

While current and future needs are the most significant considerations, let’s take a look at a few more specific ways to examine your printing needs so you can get the best printer for your custom needs. 

The number of users: Is it just you? Is your office made up of you and a few others, only some of whom use the printer? Or do you have a bustling office with several users producing copy and printer projects throughout the day? 

If you have several users, you’ll want to make sure your copier can prioritize tasks that are sent remotely. Plus, you’ll want to ensure each person has their own code for cop[y projects to track useful metrics like paper usage, toner levels by project, and the busiest times of the day. If your printer doesn’t have these capabilities, but there’s a need, it’s time to upgrade.

Business needs: We’ve already talked about current and future goals, but what else should you consider? How about whether you want standard size documents or need a large-format printer? Do you like to brag about being a sustainable office but only have recycled paper on-hand as a nod to sustainability? Maybe it’s time to consider an upgrade to a more efficient printer that will save your electric bill. Are there other functionalities that need to be considered? 

Impact on productivity: There are a few ways to look at productivity. What about the space where your copier is housed? Is this a place where people tend to congregate while waiting for their print or copy project? Is the copy room like another break room? Maybe it’s time to get another copier to get rid of bottlenecks, boost productivity, and keep the office flowing efficiency.

It’s also worth taking a look at your support contract. Are you satisfied with the current customer service on your printer? Is it fixed quickly and on the first visit from the technician? Or do you end up waiting while they research the problem or try to source parts they probably should have had on-hand? These are vital questions to ask that will inform your decisions. 

Conclusion: Choosing the Best Office Copier

There is a lot to consider when choosing the best office copiers, and there are a lot of factors that play into the timing. However, quickly and thoughtfully running through the questions above will help you choose the best office printer with confidence while getting a timeline together that will help you move forward with confidence. Still, have questions? Contact the long-time professionals at All Copy Products for custom solutions that will work for you. 

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