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January 11, 2021
Mailing Systems

The Impact a Postage Meter Can Have on Your Business

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The mailroom can be one of those forgotten investments. Every business needs a mailroom, but not many consider the mailroom's effect on the bottom line. Even though leadership will often invest in growing their business, only the experienced professionals know how to evaluate and optimize existing investments and necessities. 

Let’s take a look at the mailroom, specifically, the postage meter and its impact on your business. You’ll likely be surprised at the opportunities the right portage meter can reveal. 

Increased productivity and efficiency

If you don’t already have one, a postage meter will save you valuable time and money in your mailroom. If you do have a postage meter, ask yourself whether it’s the right postage meter for your business. Is it creating the savings you need while performing all the tasks of a highly efficient postage meter?

Efficiency means you’re utilizing time, yours, and that of your personnel, to your advantage. By optimizing everyone’s efficiency and choosing efficient equipment, you’ll have a positive impact on your bottom line that’s noticeable, even if only incremental. 

Any business that sends mail in volume, especially on a weekly basis, should invest in a postal meter. It will help to significantly reduce the amount of time and energy staff spend on the same tasks, allowing you to repurpose their valuable time elsewhere. 

Just a few tasks the right postage meter can take over to optimize your personnel's time and effort include addressing your envelopes, adding stamps to your envelopes, packing your envelopes, and reliably and securely sealing envelopes. 

Leasing or renting a postage meter means you’ll avoid costly repairs and obsolescence down the road. Postage meters have software, and leasing or renting is the best way to make sure you always have the latest software and that the latest updates will work with your operating system. 

Plus, should your postage meter begin to slow down, require repairs, or interrupt your office staff’s daily workflow, leasing or renting means you’ll be able to trade it in for a new one with minimal effort, so you get back on track more quickly. 

Easily process bulk mailings and other marketing materials

Bulk mail is one of those daily or weekly work tasks that require a great deal of processing power. Even if you only process bulk mailings monthly or quarterly, you’ll be glad you made the smart investment in your postage meter.

If you don’t market with bulk mailings yet, it’s worth considering. Even though digital marketing is everyone’s go-to these days, adding bulk mailings to the mix has a measurable impact on your ability to stand out, apart from the digital noise, as well as gain visibility and remain top of mind outside of the digital sphere, making you and your company more memorable. 

Beyond bulk mailings, you’ll also save money in other ways. For example, using a postage meter gives you an automatic 1-cent discount for first-class letters. A 1% savings may not sound like much, but stamps can accumulate into a significant reduction in postage expenses over time.

Quickly send bills and invoices

You now know just how much a postage meter can improve your productivity and efficiency while saving you valuable money. When sending invoices and bills, it’s not just about stuffing, stamping, and addressing envelopes. 

Invoices and bills need a different kind of appearance. They need to showcase your brand and ensure that your professionalism is communicated effectively. The right postage meter will not only be able to put the right address on the right envelope, but it can also add your logo to all outgoing mail, giving your recipients the best possible impression of you and your business. 

We can all agree that sending bills and invoices requires the utmost attention to detail while leaving the best possible impression. Plus, it saves you the costly investment of pre-printed envelopes. Postage meters make your effort to stand out worthwhile.

Final Thoughts on The Impact a Postage Meter Can Have on Your Business

Not every business realizes just how impactful their mailroom and the right equipment can be on their bottom line. The tasks a postage meter can accomplish in very little time will save volumes on personnel so you can optimize their time. 

Bulk mailings will be made easier and more efficient. Plus, the right postage meter will save you money on postage. And you can send professional, branded invoices and bills that will only leave the best possible impression. 

No matter which way you look at it, the right postage meter is an investment that will save money and increase efficiency and productivity, both in the short-run and long-term.

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