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September 29, 2020

Top 5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Office Copier

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Office copiers have a lot of moving parts. As they age, the risk of breakdowns becomes greater. For those who haven’t maintained their copiers properly, the risk of breakdowns becomes greater. And for those who have a thriving business, the risk of outgrowing your copier becomes greater over time.  

One of the best ways to save time and money, avoid workflow bottlenecks, and continue to get the most out of your copier is to plan your upgrades. By choosing to upgrade early in your copier's life, you can enjoy the many benefits while avoiding the downfalls other businesses inevitably face. 

Check out these top five reasons to upgrade your office copier sooner rather than later.

Improved Print Quality & Overall Performance

Even the highest quality printers that boast a long life and precision printing lose their luster over time. This is especially true of any machine that is regularly being used for high-volume projects. 

Wear and tear doesn’t just require more maintenance and lead to more breakdowns toward the end of the copier’s life. Wear and tear take a toll on the quality of output over time.

On top of wear and tear, there is a risk of obsolescence when upgrades aren’t planned or done early. Because of the fast pace of technology in this world, the average lifespan of tech, copiers, in particular, is about five years

Even though your copier may be working efficiently and keeping up with your office needs, there are updates to take into account. In five years or less, warranties will have run out, maintenance packages will often become more expensive or obsolete, and software updates may no longer be supported. 

By planning your upgrade, you’ll guarantee print quality, efficiency, and performance of your copier, which will translate to better project outcomes and a more efficient team with better overall performance.

Lower Costs

As mentioned, newer equipment is more efficient and reliable. It’s also more cost-effective. By avoiding age-related maintenance and repairs, you’ll keep your costs lower. Not only will your copier require fewer check-ups, but it will also most likely still be covered by warranty, keeping costs low.  

It’s also worth mentioning that newer office equipment tends to be more efficient than earlier generations. That translates to a lower cost-per-page, faster production, and more precision quality. That means more projects can be completed in-house, rather than having to outsource important projects to pricey printers. 

When choosing to upgrade in order to minimize costs, choose a multifunction printer so you can consolidate tasks and maintenance into one efficient machine. Plus, it’ll take up less space and lower your electric bill.

More Options

While the machine you purchased may have been top of the line and the latest technology, it may be behind the curve if it’s been more than three years. That doesn’t mean the copier won’t serve your purpose. You bought it to complete specific jobs for your office, and it will continue to do so. 

However, newer generations of the same machine are becoming increasingly savvy to the ways an office evolves and the varying needs many growing offices and teams require to stay ahead. Designers and engineers are always adding essentials along with bells and whistles that will make work-life more efficient and productive while making projects less time-intensive and costly. 

Even if you aren’t ready to upgrade yet, take a tour of available copiers with your local multifunction printer authorized dealer every couple of years. You’ll be amazed at the updates, changes, and evolutions this technology goes through. 

Consider thermostats that act as a nanny cam to help your team understand when it’s time to give the copier a break. This simple add-on can save your machine and the bottom line for years to come. There are also compliance guides acting like the bumpers in the children’s lane at the bowling alley. It’ll keep your staff focused on the printing that needs to be completed while minimizing the overuse of the color feature or the wrong paper. Again, this saves your bottom line in supplies and overuse. 

Plus, when you are ready to upgrade, you’ll already know what’s out there and what you know will be a helpful set of options to add to your office. Team morale will get a boost, and so will your office copy and printing quality, along with productivity. 

Enhanced Cybersecurity

Security is one of the top priorities of every business today. It’s not just for digital businesses. It’s for everyone. Keep your company and your people safe and secure with an upgraded system with the latest security technology.

Prevent unauthorized usage. Encrypt data to prevent sensitive material from being accessed through a machine people rarely remember can be connected to the internet while it scans your documents. Prevent corporate espionage. Protect the data of your customers and clients. 

In addition, older copiers just don’t have the ability to incorporate the latest prevention software. Newer generations are built to be secure while anticipating possible needs over the next few years. 

These days, there’s no such thing as too much prevention. Copier security is often overlooked, yet it is a significant risk factor for any business. Shopping for your next upgrade means shopping for the security of your entire organization. 

Business Growth

Nothing hits your bottom line, productivity, and team morale like a printer or copier that doesn’t meet the office's needs. Anticipating business growth is a part of good business strategy. It means you can budget, scale, and stay competitive. 

Choosing a printer that will grow with you also means you’ll avoid costly downtime that can cause productivity bottlenecks. 

Your multifunction printer should be a part of your business growth plan. The right printer will grow with your office and evolving business needs. Keeping an eye on the future of your business means you’ll be better prepared to make the best technology decisions for optimal printing quality. 

Upgrade your copier and make your office life easier

The reasons to upgrade an old copier are clear. 

  • You’ll guarantee overall copier quality and performance
  • You’ll enjoy lower costs and more options
  • Enhanced cybersecurity will ensure the safety of your company, employees, and clients. 
  • You’ll anticipate business growth so you can grow strategically, rather than being held back by increasingly obsolete technology. 

If you’re deciding when to upgrade your copier, keep in mind that newer generations will be better at everything, so waiting until your current copier is on its last leg won’t serve your company or your team. Trade the machine in while you can still get a little money for it and choose a machine that can continue to grow with your business. 

By staying ahead of the two to the five-year average life cycle of office technology, you’ll avoid delays, increase security, enjoy a better bottom line, keep your team happy, and remain more productive and efficient. 

And remember that you don’t need to plan on purchasing a new machine just to have a conversation about the options that are coming to market. Call the professionals at All Copy Products for a rundown of features and price estimates so you can plan and budget for an office copier upgrade at the right time for your business.

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