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July 20, 2021
Mailing Systems

What are the Benefits of Postage Meters?

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First let's understand what is postage meters? Postage meters are the workhorse of the mailroom. They ensure an organization doesn’t overspend on postage. They improve the efficiency of mailer campaigns and offer better tracking. They help any organization look more professional, an especially important feature for those who send their invoices through the mail or have direct mail campaigns. And they offer more security than having your mailroom handle everything by hand. 

Even though they have so much to offer, postage meters are often misunderstood as optional or an added expense. Take a look at everything they have to offer, and you’ll see just how valuable the right postage meter is for your organization. 

Reduce Mail Costs

When people think of the cost of mail, they think about the total cost of the postage, paper, and envelopes. However, they often forget that there are so many more costs associated with their mail that can all be affected by their choice of postage meter. 

Choosing not to integrate a postage meter in your mailroom equipment is the most expensive option of all. In fact, businesses can save as much as $650 per year for every 250 standard letters they send. That doesn’t include certified mail, packages, and a slew of other mail options your company may send day-to-day. 

If your organization utilizes commercial-based pricing, your bottom line can save as much as 13.9 percent. And the United States Postal Service says the average small business can expect to save as much as 19% on USPS Priority Mail and 36% on USPS Express Mail. Those are some pretty significant savings for any organization, especially those with high-volume mailrooms.

Improved Tracking and Accounting

The right postage meter will be able to interface with your company in a multitude of ways. For example, it will get updates from USPS to ensure you are getting the best possible rates. It’ll provide you with tracking, which will ease the need for individuals to track packages and mail manually. And it’ll allow for better reconciliation as well as automated budgeting for your campaigns, invoices, and other mailings. 

By tracking your spending, relying on accurate budgeting, taking advantage of the lowest available shipping costs, reconciling spending, and effortlessly tracking each and every shipment, every organization will become more efficient and productive in a meaningful way.  

Increased Workplace Efficiency

One benefit that most never even mention is the efficiency a postal meter will bring to your mailroom and beyond. When you hire people, it should be for their skills and the variety of ways in which they can benefit the company. 

However, when your talent is locked into menial tasks rather than working up to their potential, your organization loses that skill set. The organization is also spending money on that person’s time as they complete menial tasks instead of contributing to the organization in a more meaningful way. 

When you get the right equipment for your organization’s mailroom, including a postage meter, you give those menial tasks to the equipment. It frees your people up for work that will be worth their salary as well as making them more effective within the organization. 

Improve Professionalism

When you choose the right postage meter, it will print your to and from addresses, making things look consistent, which helps make your mailings look more professional. However, there’s so much more. 

Some envelope postage meter printers can also print your logo, which is a significant addition to your professionalism and branding consistency. Other postage meters can print in color, allowing the organization to print seasonal decoration, add flourishes, and even personalize each envelope for the recipient, so it stands out and is more likely to get opened. 

Bringing that kind of attention to your campaigns is a powerful feature that not only improves professionalism it makes it more likely that your mail will be given the attention it needs by the recipient, making your mailers more impactful and even producing more revenue.

Increased Security

Using a postage meter also ensures uniformity - all your mail will be read by the postal service and their automated equipment, making it more likely that each and every mailer will reach its destination without delay. 

Postage meters also significantly reduce the number of hands that touch your mailings. Fewer people in the mailroom need to touch each envelope. And because it’s more likely to be read by postal equipment, fewer postal workers will have to handle your mail to figure out where it needs to go. Fewer hands mean fewer opportunities for important or mail that could be sensitive to end up lost or mishandled.

Final Conclusion On The Benefits Of Postage Meters

Postage meters come with a variety of benefits. Unfortunately, many of them are rarely discussed or recognized by organizations until they actually get the right postage meter for their mailroom. When you make the decision, your organization will look more professional, enjoy more security, experience better efficiency and productivity, and perhaps best of all, enjoy significantly lower costs. 

Contact the professionals at All Copy Products to find out which postage meter is best for your organization today.

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