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Published on
February 22, 2023

Why Invest in a Whiz® Commercial Robot Floor Cleaner for Your Business?

Whiz robot vacuum next to conference room office chairs
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Andrew Goodwin Headshot
Andrew Goodwin
February 22, 2023

Andrew Goodwin currently holds the position of Marketing Content Specialist at ACP, one of the leading office technology dealers based in Denver, Colorado. In his role, Mr. Goodwin assumes the responsibility for the creation of a diverse range of marketing content. This includes, but is not limited to, blog posts, graphic design projects, copywriting, and social media management.

Intelligent and autonomous workplace technology solutions are here, and a great way to begin your journey is to introduce a Commercial Robot Vacuum to your office building or commercial space. Adding value to both your brand and your workspaces, the simple device saves businesses money, boosts productivity, and amplifies your overall environment in a multitude of ways. Read below to learn why Whiz is the perfect investment to take your brand to the next level.

Drive Value to Your Brand

Whiz is an easy way to immediately gain a leg up over both employer and consumer competition. As robotics and automation is still fresh in the office world, the presence of both Whiz and a crystal clean commercial environment is a fantastic way to attract and keep top talent and make a good impression on visitors, driving revenue growth and potentially creating business opportunities. The elimination of pesky allergens can be a huge upgrade to your office or commercial environment, preventing health issues such as respiratory or allergy attacks. Investing in a commercial robot floor cleaner also sets the precedent moving forward for keeping an open mind to new automated technology in the future.

A New World Of Cleanliness

At the push of a button, Whiz will thoroughly clean every inch of your floor while using cutting-edge HEPA filtration to ensure constantly clean air as well. Never again will building occupants need to worry about shoddy cleaning or how soon a mess will be taken care of, because Whiz covers 15,000 square feet in a single charge, or around 3 hours of cleaning. And unlike many robotic vacuums on the market, Whiz stays visible and out of your way, thanks to its height of over two feet and agile ability to avoid obstacles. Its navigation software, BrainOS, is award-winning software that is the same technology used in self-driving cars. Its premier software and sensors ensure that Whiz avoids the toughest of hazards, including people, cliffs, glass walls, and anything else that might get in its path. Another key feature of Whiz is its completely customizable cleaning schedule and settings. Using a simple mobile app, you can tell Whiz when, where, and how it cleans, and it will return to its charging dock all on its own when the battery runs low.

Insights & Analytics

Whiz only needs one session of human guidance before it can clean a new route completely by itself. Once up and running, Whiz feeds near-time data straight to its color screen and to your phone, telling you the quality and locations of each of its cleaning routes, as well as when routes have been completed. Understanding its specific performance and value metrics can allow for key decision making and adjustments for everybody from custodial staff to executives. Whiz additionally offers actionable suggestions for maximizing its capabilities, allowing businesses to adjust and ensure its health, safety, and bottom-line goals are being realized. 

Final Thoughts

Whiz is the perfect introduction into autonomous robotics in your workplace or commercial space. Its design and functionality were created with people in mind, utilizing award-winning BrainOS navigation software and meeting the highest standards of human ease of use and safety. Beginning a partnership with Whiz also grants you access to continual product improvements, as parts are easily replaceable and upgradeable, and development cycles for updates in design and software are frequently in occurrence as well. Keep an effortlessly clean indoor space while knowing your brand stands out over the competition in a major way. Contact ACP today to bring the future of cleaning straight to your commercial environment.

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