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Document Management

Why It Pays to Digitize Your Document Workflows

Chris Williams

Document Management to Enhance Business Processes

Exactly how “paperless” is your paperless office? While most organizations recognize the advantages that digitized documents offer, many have yet to transition from paper processes to digital ones completely. Managing paper can get complicated, as anyone who’s lost an important hardcopy document among mountains of clutter can attest to. The “organized chaos” of paper-based business processes can take hours to sift through, and manual workflows are often hard to track, let alone correctly organize.This is where document management comes into play. By creating an orderly digital archive of your paper documents and images, organizations can cut through the clutter and cut out the chaos surrounding their document workflows. Document management offers many benefits that can improve multiple facets of your business.

Increased Productivity

Paper-based workflows can hinder productivity due to the level of effort required for even the most basic of tasks. Manual searches can take hours of valuable labor to complete, taking away the time and effort that could be put to greater use elsewhere. Document management through a powerful platform like Square 9 introduces digital workflows that are faster and easier for your employees to access and manage, allowing them to use their time and resources more efficiently.

Improved Collaboration

Sharing documents in a paper-based workflow can be just as complicated as archival and retrieval. Without the ability to effectively track records throughout the collaborative process, it’s easy for crucial data to get lost in the mix. Document workflow digitalization makes it easier for teams to share data throughout the organization, improving collaborative efforts. Useful audit trail tracking tools also help employees maintain awareness of how documents are handled, leading to improved accountability.

Process Automation

Digitized workflows work on a “rules-based” system, where documents are handled throughout the workflow based on a set of rules programmed by administrators. These rules determine where digitized documents go and how the relevant parties retrieve them. For instance, your organization’s sales team can automatically receive customer orders, while customer quotes are automatically sent to the appropriate financial department for approval before being passed on to customers.

Better Security and Compliance

Security is always a concern, especially for organizations on that work in industries subject to government regulations. In addition to fears of common and uncommon cybersecurity threats, many organizations also worry about how digital document workflows impact regulatory compliance. Document management considers these concerns by providing safe and effective security measures that adhere to current data protection laws and regulations.

Asset Monetization

Another overlooked aspect of digitalization is the ability to tap into new revenue streams. Digitized workflows provide opportunities to monetize certain assets, adding to your organization’s bottom line in creative and unexpected ways. For instance, your organization can sell digitized copies of its assets, whether it’s in the form of a valuable industry report or an instructional guide on an upcoming product or service.

Business Continuity

Whether you’re dealing with a natural disaster, a local power failure, or simple human error, ensuring your business can go on without missing a beat is critical to its future. Document workflow digitalization also ensures business continuity in the event of a catastrophe. Cloud-based services and multiple server locations provide a safe and secure haven for digitized documents.

Asset Preservation

Digitizing your document workflows can also solve ongoing problems of preserving aging documents. Digitization can help your organization protect and secure deteriorating paper documents by converting them into a more resilient format for safekeeping. The process also safeguards against format obsolescence, where the document’s original format becomes obsolete and subsequently challenging to access.All Copy Products offers the latest solutions from Square 9 and Intellinetics, ensuring your organization is paired with the right document management solutions for your unique workflows. Contact us today to learn more.

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