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ACP's Response to Covid-19

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ACP & Covid

With the recent developments regarding the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak, ACP & Verticomm would like to offer our assurance that we are remaining fully-staffed and will continue to work our hardest to provide with all the support you need to work efficiently during this time of uncertainty.

Your Health and Safety Are Important to Us

At ACP, we care about the well-being of our clients and staff, which is why we are taking all of the necessary precautions to maintain a healthy work environment. First and foremost, we are following all of the guidelines that have been set forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to ensure we are doing our part in minimizing the spread of Covid-19.

Secondly, we are offering remote service calls to help address any machine issues for simple issues. In circumstances where we are unable to help solve the problem remotely, our service technicians will be exercising the highest level of caution and sanitation to help solve said problem.

Finally, we are helping businesses transition into a more virtual work environment to help them achieve the same levels of success they are accustomed to, while simultaneously limiting their exposure to potentially unhealthy environments.

How ACP & Verticomm Can Help Turn Your Workspace into A Virtual Hub of Efficiency

As more and more businesses begin to opt for a virtual work environment in lieu of traditional office spaces due to Covid-19, ACP & Verticomm are prepared to help your organization execute this seamlessly. Our team of highly-qualified experts are equipped to assist you with anything you may need including:
• Outfitting your team with reliable laptops & tablets
• Secure cloud storage to easily store, access, and share collaborative documents
• Phone services and video conferencing solutions

Virtual Machines Make Remote
Work Simple

In addition to these solutions, we also offer Virtual Machines, often referred to as Virtual Desktops, which are capable of remotely providing you with the same access you are accustomed to receiving from your office desktop. A Virtual Machine gives you the ability to access all of your applications and documents that you utilize daily. With one of these powerful machines at your disposal, your team will be able to execute all of their responsibilities without any loss of productivity or time.

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To find out how we can help turn your remote environment into a virtual hub of efficiency, contact us today

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