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The education process is made simple with ACP’s technology solutions. Designed specifically for education, these solutions help engage students, encourage collaboration, and improve retention.

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Achieve Enhanced Engagement in Sustainable Classrooms

ACP provides a variety of services designed specifically for schools and academic institutions. When you partner with us, we can analyze your internal processes and help improve document management, printer management, and on-premise IT systems.

In our extensive experience working with K-12 schools and other academic institutions, a common challenge that we have encountered time and again is the ineffective sharing of documents.

This means that if you are still practicing manual data entry, document creation, and sharing documents via email or fax, your approach is severely outdated and is contributing to a waste of time and resources.

Our approach to educational services strives to streamline workflows and improve efficiency, cost-effectively. With an efficient document management solution, we can ensure that all the documents from student records to assignments are always secure and available via authorized access.

ACP will also help you bring your classroom into the digital age. WIth our smartboard classroom, you can improve student-teacher engagement and deliver enhanced learning experiences.

Our modern whiteboard like the Sharp Aquos or Promethean Board are not only highly interactive but also well placed to collaborate with students working on their assigned laptops and tablets. This approach will help students gain the skills they need to be effective in the workplace.

For schools working with tight budgets that need to be stretched over five years, our managed document, print, and IT services provide solutions that ensure the best that technology has to offer at an affordable price.

ACP offers Managed IT Services and Document Management Services to help AEC firms boost productivity and agility, cost-effectively.

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