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Healthcare institutions are able to improve patient care, address complex requirements, and better manage daily operations, while remaining secure with ACP’s technology solutions.

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Stay HIPAA-Compliant with the Latest Office Technology

ACP Helps Healthcare Organizations Simplify Daily Tasks,Letting Them Focus More on Their Patients

Ensuring HIPAA compliance is no simple task, which is why ACP helps Healthcare organizations achieve this by providing advanced printing equipment and dynamic software solutions.

The amount of paperwork handled by Healthcare organizations requires reliable copiers and multifunctional printers that are equipped to efficiently handle all of their print-related tasks. ACP supplies a wide selection of copiers and MFPs designed to optimize your organization’s efficiency, while our award-winning service team helps minimize machine downtime.

These machines give your office the ability to securely print your documents when you need them – simply type in your assigned user code and the document will be released and printed right in front of you. These copiers and multifunctional devices can be further secured through RFID badge scanning technology so that only approved users can access documents, making sure that your office is not only meeting HIPAA regulations, but exceeding them.

Healthcare organizations use thousands of documents daily. Keeping track of invoices, insurance documentation, lab results, and doctor notes can waste a lot of time for office administration, especially when unorganized. ACP helps streamline processes and automate workflows with software solutions to fit any organization’s size and budget. Whether your organization needs help with approval routing or securely accessing and storing confidential digital files, ACP has the perfect solution for you!

Keep Everyone Happy with Coffee Services

Coffee is the lifeblood of the office. Waiting rooms, break rooms, and nurses’ stations all rely on coffee to keep their energy up and increase performance in the non-stop Healthcare industry. At ACP, we offer a diverse selection of coffee machines, espresso makers, and flavors to satisfy the palette of everyone. So, regardless of whether you want a simple coffee machine or an elaborate espresso maker, ACP has what you are looking for to give everyone in your office the boost they need throughout the day.

Why ACP?

ACP has been partnering with organizations in the Healthcare industry for decades and continues to provide them with the office technology and solutions they need to take care of their patients. In addition to our solutions, we also are fully equipped to handle any technical issue that may arise thanks to our highly-skilled service department. Our dedicated team of service technicians keeps your machines running at optimal levels by performing preventative maintenance when they are on-site, eliminating problems before they even occur!

ACP provides the following services:

  • Create audit trails to better secure printers and copiers
  • Digitization to ensure seamless document availability and security
  • Enhanced document management
  • Enhanced security as required by HIPAA
  • Prevent unauthorized access to patient records
  • Reduce waste and their carbon footprint
  • Seamless access to electronic patient records
  • Secure internal and external communication protocols
  • Streamlined invoicing and efficient billing protocols
  • Streamlined workflows to keep patient paperwork up-to-date‍

ACP offers Managed IT Services and Document Management Services to help AEC firms boost productivity and agility, cost-effectively.

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