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ACP empowers businesses in the Legal industry to streamline workflows and manage all of their document-based processes.

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Machines to Help You Streamline Your Daily Processes

Law firms and similar organizations need reliable printing technology to ensure deadlines are met and all required documents are available and accounted for. ACP offers a wide selection of state-of-the-art copiers and multifunctional printing devices from the best manufacturers to ensure that your firm receives the best technology it requires. These machines are able to scan, fax, copy, and print all of your most important documents on traditional and legal paper. Capable of being customized to fit your firm’s unique needs, ACP’s MFPs and copiers are some of the most powerful and versatile machines on the market. Accompanied by our award-winning service, your machines will always operate at peak performance.

Locating case-specific files can be a challenge when your filing cabinets are overflowing. Eliminate this problem by utilizing scanners from ACP to digitize your files. Not only will your office reclaim space, but will also benefit from newfound efficiency and productivity. Digital files allow you to more easily locate, collaborate on, and store important documents, improving your operational efficiency. Don’t have time to scan all of your important files? ACP has you covered with secure scanning services to digitally transform your filing cabinets while remaining compliant with government regulations.

Organize Your Workflows with Document Management Solutions

Keeping track of your confidential files is imperative to ensuring your firm’s continuity. With Document Management Solutions from ACP, you can streamline all of the digital workflows your office handles. Our versatile and innovating document management services can take your time-consuming document-related tasks and transform them into streamlined and efficient workflows. Powerful software-integrations from ACP will empower your office to take full control over their day-to-day document workflows by automating your most time-consuming and inefficient processes.

Why ACP?

ACP has been satisfying the unique needs of businesses of all sizes and across all industries since 1975. ACP is devoted to helping businesses overcome everyday workplace challenges by providing the latest in office technology accompanied with an unparalleled experience in the office solutions industry. Our customer-centric business model ensures that organizations across our footprint receive our award-winning support and service, enabling them to maximize their efficiency and focus more on their core business. Businesses in the legal industry can count on ACP to help them maximize their office efficiency while remaining compliant.

Our best-in-class legal solutions will help you achieve the following:

  • Accurate billing and automated chargebacks
  • Better file version control
  • Legal compliance
  • Cost control and reduction of expenses
  • Digital case files
  • Disaster recovery
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Increased billable hours through automated workflows and electronic filing
  • Rapid document retrieval

ACP offers Managed IT Services and Document Management Services to help AEC firms boost productivity and agility, cost-effectively.

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