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Property Management

ACP can help Property Management groups maximize their work efficiency to let them worry less about their technology and printing needs and focus more on providing their tenants with the best experience possible.

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Handle Resident Documents with Care

Keeping track of important documents such as lease agreements and resident applications can be a challenge, especially when multiple complexes are being managed.

Document Management

Document Management Services can help streamline paper processes by digitizing them. Once in digital form, leasing documents can be encrypted to guarantee confidentiality, be immediately routed to Directors for approval, or simply be stored for easy retrieval in the future.

Office Technology

Unreliable copiers and printers are a large source of inefficiency for leasing offices. Unexpected downtime can be the difference between gaining or losing a potential tenant. State-of-the-art copiers from ACP come with our award-winning service team to make sure your machine is always operating at 100%.

Optimize Your Network

Verticomm, ACP’s IT division, specializes in providing businesses with services to keep their network up and running.

Total Care Managed IT Services

Verticomm’s Managed IT allows Property Management groups to utilize the latest in IT solutions and technology, improve their network reliability, reduce operating costs, and maximize their current resources. Built with security solutions at its core, Managed IT protect important resident and company information from being compromised.

Find out how ACP can help you save money and resources and improve your tenants’ experiences by contacting us today!

ACP offers Managed IT Services and Document Management Services to help AEC firms boost productivity and agility, cost-effectively.

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