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70" Promethean ActivPanel Titanium

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Product Overview

Purpose-built for the K-12 classroom, the ActivPanel Titanium provides the most seamless, integrated, and interactive learning experience available. Packed with engaging and interactive tools, the ActivPanel Titanium helps teachers and students make the most out of every instructional moment in the classroom.

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A Unified Menu for Seamless Teaching Experiences

The ActivPanel Titanium delivers a revolutionary new user interface that places all of the most commonly used tools right at teachers’ fingertips and within natural line of sight. This Unified Menu is always accessible and allows teachers to move seamlessly between content and resources without disrupting the flow of lessons. Within the Unified Menu, the Locker provides teachers with one place to go for all their favorite apps, tools, and files, saving time and making teaching with technology easier.

A Writing Experience Without Limitations

Promethean’s Vellum™ writing technology delivers an authentic writing experience without limitations, enabling teachers and students to write confidently, fluidly, and naturally. The writing is fast and accurate and works just as expected. Pens write, fingers touch, and palms erase - it’s like writing on a dry erase whiteboard, only better.

New Ways to Engage

The ActivPanel Titanium includes Classroom Essential apps and a variety of teaching tools – all available at the touch of a button. Use the infinite canvas on the highly intuitive Whiteboard app to instantly supplement lessons. Draw, highlight, and annotate over any content from any source, and add excitement to any lesson or activity with the customizable Spinner and Timer apps.

Tested and Built for IT Support and Security

The ActivPanel Titanium has been built from the ground up to integrate into any technology environment. The onboard Android™ 8 operating system delivers a new level of speed, security, and reliability, while Promethean Panel Management provides visibility across your panels and the ability to remotely deliver instant over-the-air updates. All included software, apps, and platform services are purposefully designed for ongoing enhancements and continuous innovation, ensuring that today’s investment will pay dividends well into the future.

Key Features

Enhanced Interactivity

Teachers and students can collaborate with up to 20 simultaneous touch points and simultaneous pen, touch, and palm erase. Palm rejection technology allows users to rest a hand naturally on the board and write confidently without making unwanted marks.

Teaching Untethered

ActivPanel Titanium’s controlled, multi device mirroring lets teachers move freely and teach from anywhere in the classroom. During a lesson, the teacher can interact with mirrored screens directly from the panel, increasing student collaboration and participation.

Dual Proximity Sensors

The ActivPanel Titanium automatically warms up when someone enters the room. Teachers can quickly get started with just the touch of a button.

Room-Filling Sound

Students who hear better, learn better. The ActivPanel Titanium’s bass enhanced, front facing speakers fill the classroom with full range audio and superior fidelity.

Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth® for Enhanced Connectivity

Provides the flexibility required for diverse networking needs and offers more classroom mobility. Bluetooth allows for easy connection to accessories and STEAM-based hardware, such as
robots and lab sensors.

All-in-One and Connected

The ActivPanel Titanium features the speed, security, and reliability of the Android 8 operating system onboard, with 4 GB of RAM, 64 GB of storage, and Gigabit LAN integration.

Teacher-Friendly Center Console

Designed with the teacher in mind, the ActivPanel Titanium features an ergonomic, angled control console. Teachers now have quick and easy access to the Unified Menu, volume controls, source selection, and more.


Promethean Chromebox

The Promethean Chromebox is the perfect solution for extending an existing Chrome OS ecosystem to the ActivPanel Titanium, providing certified and seamless access to your preferred apps from the Google Play Store. View and launch downloaded apps directly from the Unified Menu with one-click access and no need for source switching.

Flexible Computing Options

Promethean offers Chrome OS and Windows® computing options so schools can choose the operating system that works best for their IT ecosystem.

Powerful Lesson Delivery Software Included

Deliver interactive lessons with your choice of Promethean’s powerful educational software solutions. Both ClassFlow® and ActivInspire® software are Promethean created and supported, subscription-free, and included with the purchase of the ActivPanel Titanium.

Select from Versatile Mounting

Create the best solution for the classroom with the ActivPanel Stands, including a fixed wall mount, height-adjustable wall mount, height-adjustable mobile stand, and fixed-height mobile stand.