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Bunn Crescendo

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Product Overview

The Bunn Crescendo serves authentic espresso purely, or build it into your choice of 9 café style beverages, all from a front-of-house design that saves valuable counter space.

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Meet Bunn Crescendo. The Bean-to-Cup Espresso machine from Bunn Crescendo is the perfect choice to serve authentic espresso. Whether as a stand-alone beverage or a keynote base for a premium beverage composition, crescendo won’t disappoint. 

This coffee crafter supports 1kg of beans as a commercial coffee machine and has three powder hoppers. Consider milk, chocolate, and any other instant powder you want to showcase, such as French vanilla, hazelnut, or a holiday peppermint flavor. 

This is the ideal choice for nearly any office size, team, or event as a single-use cup coffee machine. A Bunn Crescendo will elevate any customer-facing space.

Key Features

All Bunn Crescendo models are built to please a room full of execs at a summit meeting, prospective clients in the waiting room, or tirelessly committed staff and employees refueling in the breakroom.

Serve authentic espresso with the option for nine café style beverages while saving space with the espresso maker’s compact design. 

Enjoy an intuitive touchpad experience with navigation controls that are easy to use and understand. Clear step-by-step instructions are available for those who are intimidated by a coffee machine other than the one in their home kitchen. There are also programmable portion sizes from 8oz to 12oz, up to nine possible beverage choices, and even hot water. The programmable touchpad takes the guesswork out of brewing coffee and turns every user into a barista. 

The large hopper showcases fresh beans to make the Bunn Crescendo approach an experience that builds anticipation. Show off 2.2lb of whole beans and immediately connect the eye with the very start of the brewing process from across the room.

You also have three large powder hoppers that work together to deliver a wide range of flavor combinations. Every cup is provided at the ideal serving temperature for espresso. Plus, café beverages are provided through an independently controlled tank system to maintain every cup's integrity, regardless of your coffee or espresso preference. And because we understand how our machines are often used, we’ve designed the ideal system of two 3.3lb hoppers for power flavors or additions that are in-demand (most often chocolate and milk) as well as a third 2.2lb hopper for other flavors, such as vanilla, hazelnut, seasonal favorites, and more.

Not only do you have options when it comes to types of drinks and blends, as well as flexibility in location because of its compact design, you also have the ability to produce in volume. At up to 40- double shots per hour, the Bunn Crescendo is a workhorse, making it a great choice for a small but busy office and an ideal choice for high-volume cafés, kiosks, and restaurants that want volume without sacrificing quality. 

The built-in tamping sensor and adjustable-speed auger motors are just one of the many engineering benefits that mean you’ll get consistent results and great coffee with every extraction. The design also means there are precision burrs for clean-cut bean milling, leading to superior ground distribution assurance. 

This machine is NSF listed, meaning it meets NSF International imposed standards for public safety and the environment. It’s made in America, a benefit for companies that want to support the local economy.And this machine meets ETL US, a set of standards that impose minimum electrical product safety standards. 



Each Height: 30.7

Oversize: No

Hazmat: No

NSF Approved: Yes

Each Weight: 102

Height: 36.800

Warranty: 2 Year Parts / 1 Year Labor Warranty

Width: 17.800

Color: Black

Length: 25.300

Each Length: 19.7

Each Width: 14

Plug Type: NEMA 5-15p

Brewer Type: Single Serve

CAD 2D: Yes

Cord Attached: Yes

Plug Type: NEMA 5-15P

Electrical Configuration: 120 volts / 1300 watts / 11.0 amps / 1 phase / 60 hertz / 2 v

Water Access: Plumbed

Min/Max Water Pressure (PSI): 20.0 / 90.0

Flow Rate Required: 0.5