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Clover D7A Water Cooler

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Product Overview

With the Clover D7A you don't have to worry wasting time and money on plastic water bottles for your water cooler. It provides more cold water per hour than coolers using plastic water bottles. This hot and cold bottleless water cooler is perfect for those chilly refreshing drinks and that piping hot cup of hot chocolate or bowl of oatmeal.

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Everyone needs a little refreshment. It’s not just a hub for general socializing and the birthplace of brilliant business ideas, the water cooler allows the team to take a quick breath before jumping into their next task or meeting. However, there’s nothing worse than requiring team members to rely on the tap or pay for bottled water. Clean, fresh water is a must for every office breakroom or customer-facing space. The Clover D7A is the answer. It’s a bottleless point-of-use water cooler designed for the reliable dispensing of water with a clean, contemporary look. Learn more about the Clover D7A by checking out it’s features and specifications below. 

Key Features

The Clover D7A bottleless point-of-use water cooler is reliable, easy to service, and is manufactured to include a high-density polyethylene cabinet. The exterior is engineered so it won’t corrode or rust, which means you won’t need to replace it anytime soon. 

Featuring a stainless steel non-removable reservoir, rest assured the water will always taste fresh. Choose to dispense from two faucets. One faucet dispenses hot water for tea, instant soup and other user favorites. The second faucet dispenses chilled, rather than room temperature water, adding to the sense of refreshment by its users. 

Enjoy the quality of bottled water without the expense, hassle, heavy lifting, and environmental cost. The Clover D7A is economical, saving offices hundreds of dollars each year by filtering plumbed water instead of using plastic bottles.

It’s easy to maintain because it requires very little maintenance. All you have to do is remove the ABS drip tray, as needed. This is an easy task to have all team members own as they use the water dispenser and notice this single piece could use a quick soapy rinse. 

This beautiful dispenser compliments any office setting, rather than becoming an eye sore. Plus, it’s efficient. Even though it requires a single electrical element to heat and gently cool water, it’s equipped with an ultra-efficient condenser that uses convection so it operates quietly and efficiently. 

Finally, Clover D7A is equipped with hygienic stainless steel tanks - a smart design in order to ensure the cleanest water possible. Stainless steel is contaminant resistant to protect the long-term health of thirsty users.

Features Summary: 

  • LG high-efficiency compressor with the lowest cycle rate available ensures a long lifespan
  • Convection cooling with internally spring-mounted, hermetically sealed compressor with automatic overload protector
  • High-volume, 304 electro polished stainless steel hot and cold tanks with internal heating coils and copper refrigerant lines ensure no off taste to water
  • Cabinet: UV-protected high-density polyethylene (HDPE) cabinet. Eliminates the problem of rust and corrosion. Superior resistance to UV degradation. One piece mold is designed to allow cleaning and quick cabinet removal for convenient service. Handle on the back of the unit enables transport of the water cooler.
  • Faucets: Durable polypropylene. Self closing type. Easy to operate.
  • Drip Tray: One piece ABS drip tray is easily removed for cleaning.
  • Cold Water Tank: Hygienic stainless steel. External refrigerant evaporator. Mechanically wrapped around the tank. Removable insulation in molded expanded bead polystyrene contaminant-resistant design. Adjustable cold water thermostat.
  • Dual Float Valve: Water level is controlled with a Dual float valve. Dual float valve maintains water height in the reservoir. Incoming water pressure range of 20-100psi.
  • Cold Water Thermostat: Temperature is controlled to 35.6°F-53.6°F (2°C-12°C) by an adjustable thermostat.
  • Refrigeration Unit:
    Convection cooled condenser, internally spring mounted hermetically sealed compressor with automatic overload protector. No lubricant needed. Refrigerants are controlled by an accurately calibrated capillary tube. Quiet operation by the optimum design. Highly efficient cooling function.
  • Hot Water Tank: Hygienic stainless steel. Highly efficient internal heating element. Non-adjustable thermostat with manual reset safety limiter. Convenient hot water ON/OFF switch. Fireproof insulation.
  • Hot Water Thermostat: Water temperature is controlled to nearly 185°F (85°C) by automatic thermostat. Hot water ON/OFF switch is easily accessible in the control panel at the back of the cabinet.
  • Electrical: 100V - 127V, 50/60Hz provided with power cord.
  • Quality: The models covered by these specifications are manufactured to comply with the standards of overseas quality programs.
  • Warranty: One year on the sealed refrigeration system and most component parts.
  • Refrigerant Type: R134a



  • Product Dimensions: 12.2" (W) x 12.2" (D) x 38.2" (H)
  • Product weight: 35 pounds
  • Product Color: White with blue drip tray/Black with black drip tray
  • Electrical: Takes a standard household 110v outlet
  • Refrigerant Type: R134a
  • UL-Listed: Yes
  • Construction: High-density polyethylene cabinet
  • Quantity of Cold Water Served Per Hour (GPH): 0.9GAL of 50 F/HR
  • Hot Water Thermostat: Yes- temperature is controlled to 185° F
  • Cold Water Thermostat: Yes- temperature is controlled to 35.6° to 53.6°