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Konica Minolta bizhub C458

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Product Overview

Multifunction office printers come in many shapes and sizes. Among the best is the Konica Minolta Bizhub c458. It’s designed to boost output speed, significantly improve office productivity, and can take on a variety of projects with seamless operation. 

Take a closer look at the best this feat of innovation and engineering has to offer.

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The bizhub c458 multifunction printer is designed for speed, productivity, and efficiency. It can print color and black and white at up to 45 pages per minute (ppm). It can take on single pass or dual scanning  at an impressive 240 original documents per minute. And it has an 1800x 600 dpi printing resolution. 

The bizhub c458 can take on a variety of projects with media sizes up to 12 x 18 inches (SRA3). The standard input capacity of 1,100 sheets can be expanded to a generous 6,650 sheets. Plus, with an enhanced 10 inch control panel your team is ensured of a seamless operation across all devices including the MFP, desktops, tablets, smartphones, and other devices.

The intuitive controls allow the team to download apps to further boost their productivity. With advanced mobile technology, employees can rely on greater flexibility and advanced mobile access unlike most teams never experience.

Key Features

While the features list for the bizhub c458 may seem endless, there are a few key features worth highlighting. Taken together, these key features set the bizhub c458 apart from the competition.

Memory. Every bizhub c458 comes standard with four gigs of memory, well established as more than enough for the projects most offices require for the average printing, copying, or scanning project. More memory is available when you build your own multifunction bizhub. 

Speed. The bizhub c458 has an impressively fast processing CPU for the best possible performance on any project. This is especially valuable for high production and fast paced office environments where the multifunction printer is central to the office and it’s daily functions.  

Power. While most large office equipment such as the breakroom refrigerator requires 240 volt capacity, the bizhub c458 operates with only the standard 120 volt. This lower power requirement makes this powerful engine even more eco friendly and ensures it can be added to nearly any space in any office without the need for or expense of adjusted electrical outlets. 

Productivity. Scanning is commonly known as one of the slowest functions of office equipment. The bizhub c458 scans up to 240 images per minute (ipm) with the dual-scan feeder to ensure the optimized productivity of your office. 

Mobility. Perhaps one of the most surprisingly useful features of the bizhub c458 is the ability to print anywhere, anytime. This machine is embedded with the latest mobile technology so your team can print from anywhere. 

Multi-touch panel. Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to quickly and smoothly operate their office equipment. The 10 inch touchscreen is as intuitive as any smartphone or tablet with similar design features to mimic the features and usability people are the most familiar with when navigating system functions. 

Media. The bizhub c458 comes with automatic paper size measurements for non-standard paper. It was designed to take the guesswork out of non-standard paper, mixplex, and a variety of mixed media. 

Flexible finishing. This multifunction printer isn’t just for printing, scanning, faxing, and copying. It’s designed to keep as many projects and jobs in-house as possible. To keep you efficient and save on the costs of external print shops, the bizhub c458 can produce nearly any finished product with stapling, punching, letterfolding, and collating. It can even z-fold brochures and assemble booklets. 

Complete reliability. More reliability than ever before, the bizhub c458 doesn’t skip pages or provide partials. The optional multi-feed detection kit guarantees that every original page is scanned, copied, or printed. 

Green features. Every multifunctional printer engineering team wants to call their design green, but few compete with the bizhub c458. It boasts a dynamic eco timer that analyzes working hours and self adjusts it’s sleep mode to save the most energy without interrupting workflow. An eco meter monitors power consumption. Eco printing offers a touchscreen panel that does not light up, even during projects, unless it is actively being used by a worker. Eco scan means scanning can occur without a warm-up of the print engine. And the sleep mode timer settings can be adjusted for days and dates, giving more flexibility for cost savings.
Security. One of the most compelling reasons to consider any connected device is based on the security it has to offer. Function access rights can be granted on the user level with up to 1,000 accounts on the bizhub c458. Authentication can be verified and accessed using your choice of username and password, ID card, or finger vein scanner. Data encryption is stored on the hard disk and password protected. All jobo data is automatically deleted once the job is completed to protect sensitive information of employees, clients, vendors, and the company, overall.


While the bizhub c458 offers a range of specifications and key features, there are some featured accessories worth noting as you shop for the multifunction machine that will best suit your office and business needs. 

  • A 100-sheet staple finisher with an optional 80-page booklet-making option, including accessories for 2/3-hole punching and folding in multiple patterns.
  • A compact 50-sheet staple finisher for multi-position stapling and sorting, with an option for the 80-page booklet-making and 2/3-hole punch.
  • A 50-sheet staple finisher with a saddle-stitcher for booklet-making and an optional 2/3 hole punch.  
  • An optional Fiery image controller that gives graphic-intensive applications state-of- the-art-color image control.
  • A super G3 fax kit for high-speed fax transmission and reception as well as support for up to four fax lines.
  • A USB interface for an external keyboard, Bluetooth printing, and voice guidance support.


Featured specifications include the basics that aren’t so basic. Enjoy top of the line design and engineering, compliments of the best innovators at Konica Minolta.

  • Up to 45 ppm print/copy output to keep pace with rising demands Standard dual scanning handles up to 240 originals per minute High capacity 300-sheet document feeder
  • Large 10.1" color display with quick tablet-like touchscreen interface Scan-to-email and FTP, scan-to-me, scan-to-home convenience Built-in Emperon® print system, universal printer drivers
  • Simitri® HD polymerized toner for high-resolution imaging
  • Standard 250 GB HDD for on-board document storage
  • Web browser with 4 GB of memory
  • ISO 15408 and IEEE 2600.1 Security standards
  • Power-saving design with quick recovery from sleep mode
  • 6,650-Sheet maximum capacity, tab printing support, carbon-copy printing Advanced authentication, secure print release, remote firmware updates Multiple bypass tray and detachable paper feed trays improve paper handling Finishing options for 80-page booklet-making, up to 100-sheet stapling Option for 2/3-hole punch, tri-fold, z-fold, post-insertion and more Downloadable apps to help you work faster and smarter
  • Multiple i-Options to suit the needs of your workflow EPEAT Gold-certified, low power consumption to cut costs Mobile printing support (AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, NFC)

For a more comprehensive booklet on the complete specifications of the Konica Minolta Bizhub c458 multifunction printer, examine the complete pamphlet