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Océ Colorwave 910

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Product Overview

The ColorWave 910 is the next generation of single-pass large format inkjet printing is here today.

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Turn speed into profitability

In the competitive large format print market, staying ahead of the competition is the key to profitability. Staying ahead demands equipment that can quickly and reliably deliver consistent color at competitive prices. The fast and durable Océ ColorWave® 910 printer is designed from the ground up to deliver consistent prints quickly, reliably, and at a price that can help you achieve a fast ROI.

When Canon designed the Océ ColorWave 910 printer, we looked across our portfolio of products and incorporated those features that produced the highest levels of productivity. The result is a printer that delivers speed, durability, productivity, and consistency.

Exceptional productivity

The ColorWave 910 large format color printer delivers unprecedented print speeds for even-quicker turnaround times. The system can print at a consistent 12 linear inches per second. Using proven Canon technologies, five print heads fire over 3 billion drops of ink every second from more than 350,000 nozzles to cover the full 42 inch width in one pass, resulting in a raw speed of 10,760 square feet per hour.

Flexible media handling

The ColorWave 910 large format color printer has an advanced media input module capable of holding six 650 feet long rolls with a total system capacity of 13,650 square feet of media. The input module handles widths from 11" to 42 inch and a wider range of media types including plain, coated and photo papers, film and self adhesive papers. The system automatically switches from one roll to another when it’s empty or when another media type or size is required.

Extensive applications

A four color system uses 5 aqueous dye, 2 liter ink tanks, including two blacks for higher optical density, and prints at up to 1600 x 1600 dpi, with a droplet size of just 1.2 picoliters. The high image quality with fine lines and sharp text makes the ColorWave 910 large format color printer perfectly suited to an extensive range of applications, from posters and point of sale to maps and technical documents. Support for Grayscale printing enables B&W print outs for a more diversified pricing strategy.

Easy-to-use operator interface

A large, bright and easy to use interface panel simplifies production management for every level of operator and supports the unattended and automatic delivery of finished output. Operators can monitor printer status, edit jobs, manage print job queues and address the different folding requirements of customers with ease thanks to embedded folding templates. The ripping and submitting of complex files and multipage PDF files is quick and easy thanks to the Windows 8 embedded controller with enhanced security features and Adobe PDF Print Engine 3 (APPE3).

Fully integrated workflow

A range of integrated finishing options are available to support seamless end-to-end document workflows and allow the operator to fully capitalize on the print speed delivering ready-to-use printed output with fast turnaround.

Key Features

The concept behind the Océ ColorWave 910 printer is to leverage Canon’s expertise in developing production print systems and integrate with high speed inkjet printing technology for large format applications. To deliver on this promise of speed, the Océ ColorWave 910 printer incorporates paper handling features from Canon’s high-volume large format equipment. This results in a machine capable of printing more than 8,000 square feet per hour at a speed of 12 inches per second.

When you open the papers drawers of the Océ ColorWave 910 printer you immediately notice the durable construction. The Océ line of printers is well known for its reliability and long production life; the Océ ColorWave 910 printer builds upon this reputation. The Océ ColorWave 910 printer is built to last in even the most demanding high-volume production printing environments.

Canon focused on creating a high-volume device that minimized downtime due to loading paper or unloading finished prints. With up to six 42" x 650' rolls online — or 13,650 square feet — operators will spend minimal time changing rolls. In addition, a dual tray stacker enables operators to unload one job while another is still printing.

Designed with exacting specifications, the Océ ColorWave 910 printer utilizes the Océ PowerM® controller to deliver repeatable results. In addition, ONYX® Thrive™ print workflow software can be paired with the Océ ColorWave 910 printer to meet even the most demanding color requirements. Whether it is signage, posters, or point of sale materials, the Océ ColorWave 910 printer will elevate your production capabilities to new levels, allowing you to stand out from the competition.


  • Estefold 5011 folder: Extremely flexible folder for CAD-GIS production
  • Dual Tray High Capacity Stacker: Robust stacker for high volume graphics production
  • Deliver Tray: Inexpensive stacking option for technical documents
  • Rewind Module: High speed rewinder for offline cutting and laminating