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Sharp Commercial Display 8k | 8M-B80AX1U

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Product Overview

With its stunning 8K Ultra-HD resolution, the Sharp 8M-B80AX1U display packs 33 million pixels into its 80” -class LCD panel. This 8K monitor with 7,680 x 4,320 pixels achieves a screen resolution 16 times higher than full HD. You can’t help but feel the depth and presence of the stunningly realistic on-screen images. Sophisticated color-processing technologies support a wide range of color expression along with faithful color mapping on the display. The rich color palette of this 8K monitor adds depth to the content and brings the entire screen to life.

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Making the invisible visible.

Clearly see every little detail like never before with the best 8K professional display on the market. The 8M-B80AX1U 8K 80" Class (80.5" diagonal) 8K LCD display is the second generation of professional 8K displays from Sharp. At the very leading edge of the pro-display market, it allows high-end professional users to enjoy the ultimate in image precision and clarity. Its 8K 7,680 x 4,320 screen provides an exponential step up in terms of image detail with 16x the pixel resolution of Full-HD 1,920 x 1,080 (or 4x the pixel resolution of 4K 3,840 x 2,160).

Rather than simply upscaling content, like other 8K displays, it is a key component of Sharp’s end-to-end 8K ecosystem. Displaying native 8K content dramatically improves the picture quality, providing lifelike images. So it raises the bar significantly for business environments that depend on exceptional detail, such as design studios, TV broadcasters and traffic control rooms.

  • 80" Class (80 - 1/2" diagonal) Screen Size
  • Stunning 8K-Ultra High Definition (7,680 x 4,320) LCD Display
  • Full Array LED Backlighting with Local Dimming Technology
  • HDR with Wide Color Gamut Technology
  • 4K and 2K Upconversion to 8K
  • RS-232C control capability
  • 3,000:1 contrast ratio
  • 3-Year Limited Warranty
  • 800 cd/m2 brightness, Peak brightness 4000 cd/m2
  • Built-in 20W 2.1 Channel Stereo Audio System

Key Features

Brilliantly realistic

As well as providing twice the brightness of first generation Sharp professional 8K displays, with 800 cd/m² (or up to 4,000 cd/m² Peak Level), the 8M-B80AX1U HDR (High Dynamic
Range) technology also expands the contrast and color range significantly. It means that the bright parts of an image get brighter, adding greater depth, and colors are more saturated
and natural-looking. So images, films and virtual reality (VR) content look incredibly realistic, creating a more immersive experience than was ever possible before.

More color, more precision

The 8M-B80AX1U’s 10-Bit Extended Color Range delivers superior image realism and significantly enhanced color accuracy. It increases the range of possible color values in each pixel up to 1.07 billion colors, so images appear much more lifelike and natural. This is especially important in many manufacturing processes. For example, when designing and testing how products will look to the consumer using virtual reality, or in automotive and aerospace design when matching colors of different body panel sections. It also offers real benefits for the forensic examination of very high-resolution images, such as ancient artefacts for museum exhibits, and surveillance at large sporting events to identify individuals by their clothing.

In addition, with more than 5x more local dimming backlight zones and a much greater number of LEDs, it enables a much greater contrast level between dark and bright areas, so
images are clearer and sharper. Unlike some other displays, it enables more precise control of production processes and greater realism when creating complex designs. It also provides
vital extra clarity and legibility in time and information critical environments. For example, non-patient medical applications such as teaching.

Clearly better designs

Businesses are creating increasingly sophisticated digital drawings, designs and blueprints using Computer Aided Design (CAD) or Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) applications.
The one limiting factor has been the ability to display this information with exceptional color accuracy and contrast precision—until now. With the 8M-B80AX1U even the most complex designs can be examined in minute detail. And its lifelike realism is also facilitating the use of virtual reality, making it much easier to assess how new products or machinery will look and perform in the real world.

Bringing video to life

High quality video production is obviously essential in the TV and Broadcasting industry. So the 8M-B80AX1U allows businesses to edit extremely high-resolution graphics and video and create incredibly realistic content.

More detail, more control

For some professionals, the ability to track vital information can literally be a matter of life or death. So having access to reliable high-quality images can aid fast, safe decision-making. For example, in today’s crowded skies, air traffic controllers need to accurately track thousand of flights that are represented by multiple lines and symbols. Surveillance operators and emergency services workers have to monitor large numbers of CCTV camera images on one screen. So the greater the resolution the less risk there is of incidents being missed or suspects escaping because their facial features are unclear. Similarly, public transport companies can monitor the movement of multiple vehicles simultaneously, so there is less confusion and
possible delays.

Fast, precise data analysis

Speed is essential in high pressure commercial environments such as energy businesses, financial centers and commodities trading floors. Every day, bankers and dealers have to rapidly digest an endless stream of graphs, images and screens full of small text. But one simple mistake in reading all of this complex information, like a missed digit, can result in potentially
huge losses. So the ability to process a large amount of information, which is both clear and extremely legible, on one display not only enhances productivity, but also reduces the level of risk.

Instantly more professional

Whatever your business needs, the 8M-B80AX1U’s built-in USB Media Player ensures that you can get started immediately. It supports 4K video and 8K static images, so can display
impressive images and video without the cost of buying or operating any extra equipment. As long as your content is on your USB stick, you can plug in and play instantly. You can also
use the display in a standalone configuration, without any additional bulky kits and setup.

All you need for 8K

Sharp has a vision to change the way the world is viewed, with a level of detail and realism never previously experienced. We’re developing a full 8K ecosystem with a line-up of 8K solutions
that will allow you to shoot, store and play all on native 8K equipment and displays. The Sharp 8C-B60A 8K (60p) Professional Camcorder integrates capabilities for video shooting and recording, as well as playback. It also delivers line output for video streaming in 8K regardless of location. Sharp has also unveiled a compact 8K camera for future release.