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Toshiba e-STUDIO6518A

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Product Overview

Faster, sleeker, with more volume than ever. Toshiba’s new sleek lineup is as impressive on the inside as it is on the outside. Its ultra-modern look houses the latest innovative technologies, like crisp, clean monochrome output at a speed of up to 85 pages per minute and an impressive 6,020-sheet maximum paper capacity.
• 1,200 dpi x 1,200 dpi
• High-speed, high-capacity Dual-Scan Document Feeder
• Up to 720K maximum monthly copy volume

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Technology for every workplace; delivering advanced functionality, ease of use, and peace of mind. Every business is unique. That’s why Toshiba offers the latest customizable solutions that can be tailored to meet your needs. Toshiba solutions help you simplify complex tasks while managing diverse information—efficiently and safely to maximize your productivity.

Our latest series delivers on our commitment to collaborate with clients in order to provide tailored, cost-effective solutions that meet your print, document management, and content
needs while helping you meet your green objectives.

• Print speed of up to 65 PPM

• DSDF Scan: Up to 240 IPM Duplex, 120 IPM Simplex

• 12" x 18" 140 lb index automatic duplexing from the drawers

• 13" x 19" 110 lb cover support through the bypass

• Universal Print Driver

• 320GB Self-Encrypting Drive

• Solutions Ready

• Patented ASICs provide superb clarity and rich text renditions in all scanning, printing and copying jobs

• Up to 3,600 x 1,200 dpi print resolution

• Automatic Image quality control function

• New Toshiba developed 10.1 inch tablet-style touch color control panel for easier operation

• Scan Preview

• Dual-line Fax Option

• One Touch Templates

Key Features

• With the Toshiba e-STUDIO6518A Series, you can improve workgroup connection, integrate and simplify, while improving efficiency with ultra-high-quality output at unprecedented volumes.

• Advanced e-BRIDGE Next Technology enables the MFP to drive Toshiba’s internally developed embedded solutions or those from a third party with ease.

• Fast Dual-Scan Document Feeder handles up to 300 sheets at a time and seamlessly scans both sides of each page in a single pass to produce a max of 240 images per minute (IPM).

• Fast First Copy Out Times at 5.2/5.2/4.5/4.1 seconds respectively.

• 10.1” Tablet-Style Touch Screen works intuitively, helping you access instructions, functions, and commands with the swipe of the finger.

• Print Around eliminates printing bottlenecks by allowing other print jobs to go around a job that’s held-up for a specific paper size or media type.

• Limitless Job Reservation will queue up multiple copy or print jobs so users can send jobs whenever.

• Saddle/Fold Capabilities offer saddle-stitch finishing and the option to fold without stapling.

• Auto Skew Correction ensures your scanned documents are reproduced accurately.

• e-BRIDGE Plus for USB lets you print PDF and JPG files straight from your USB drive and the MFP will scale documents to fit the available paper size if necessary.

• Scan-to USB is great for capturing a file quickly when you’re on the go.

• Scan Preview allows you to review your scanned documents on the 10.1” tablet-style touch screen, even rotate and change pages prior to sending to file or email.

• Fax Preview saves valuable resources by letting you view received faxes prior to printing them.

• Notifications Feature takes the hassle out of checking for depleted supplies or maintenance needs.

• Paper Volume Indicators on the front panel make it easy to see the paper sizes, types, and levels in each cassette.

• Multi-Station Print Enabler allows you to retrieve your print job from a series of networked MFPs via simple authentication, now with support of up to 50 e-BRIDGE MFPs.


Platen & Document Feeder Options
Platen Cover KA5005PC

Additional Paper Options
Paper Feed Pedestal KD1058
Drawer Module MY1048
Envelope Cassette Option MY1049
Large Capacity Feeder KD1059LT

Finishing Options
Inner Finisher MJ1042
50-Sheets Staple Finisher MJ1109
Saddle-Stitch Finisher MJ1110
Hole Punch Unit for MJ1042 MJ6011
Hole Punch Unit for MJ1109/MJ1110 MJ6105
Bridge Kit KN5005
Job Separator MJ5015

Connectivity/Security Options
FAX Unit/2nd Line for FAX Unit GD1370
Wireless LAN/Bluetooth GN4020
Bluetooth Keyboard GR9000
Accessory Tray GR1250
Panel 10-Key Option GR1260
Card Reader Holder GR1290
Meta Scan Enabler GS1010
IPsec Enabler GP1080
Unicode Font Enabler GS1007
Embedded OCR Enabler
Single License GS1080
Five Licenses GS1085
Multi-Station Print Enabler
Single License GS1090
Five Licenses GS1095
Advanced Scanning (ReRite) GB1280V8
SharePoint Connector GB1440
Exchange Connector GB1450
Google Docs Connector GB1540

Miscellaneous Options
Stand STAND5005
Accessible Arm KK2550
Work Tray KK5005
Harness Kit for Coin Controller GQ1280