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September 17, 2021
Managed Print Services

5 Ways Managed Print Services Save Money

stack of papers 5 ways managed print services save money

An essential function like printing requires different types of print solutions, each of which will affect the cost, productivity, and workflow. It’s vital that each organization choose a print solution that gives them the best possible return on investment. 

Managing the return on investment is affected by a number of factors from needs assessment to repairs to user satisfaction and replacements or upgrades. Managed print services is one of the best ways to ensure an organization’s return on investment. 

Savings and Supplies

Managed print services mean the organization enjoys a fully optimized office print environment. Optimization means better savings, which means a better ROI. And one of the best ways to save money is on supplies. 

Managed print services can save an organization as much as 30% by reducing overall printing costs. The team will analyze usage, streamline supply orders and delivery, and ensure you get the best competitive prices for the supplies you use the most. 

optimize your office printing environment, improve total cost of ownership, streamline workflows, optimize fleet deployments, and pursue measurable cost-saving opportunities.

Downtime Ensure Equipment is Update

Maintenance isn’t always about repairing a down machine. Yes, that’s what a lot of offices end up with, and downtime is costly. It not only means repair personnel, costly overworn parts replacement but there’s the cost of projects that aren’t being completed while the copier isn’t working. 

When you embrace managed print services, maintenance is a routine that saves money and minimizes downtime. Instead of costly repairs and overworn parts, properly managed maintenance schedules keep things running smoothly, and at peak efficiency - both teams and equipment.

Boost Productivity

When using managed print services, the entire organization benefits. Workflow is improved through measurable streamlining of every team that uses the multifunction printer. Projects are completed faster, with more efficiency, and better results. That means happier clients and highly productive teams.

Managed print services to streamline workflow from start to finish. During the needs assessment, they determine the best possible equipment for the office. They set it up to ensure the individual needs of each office are met. And they can recommend the best upgrades when the team outgrows their equipment.  

Keep Track of Printed Pages

Multifunction printers often mean multifunction teams are at work. That means multiple projects pass through the machine day-to-day. Many of those projects are originals, but it’s more likely those projects are duplicated. For example, sales teams often use the same proposal templates, changing only vital contact info and tweaking some details. 

Tracking these pages and projects can become onerous but is necessary to optimize productivity so teams can refer back to projects and contracts. It’s also helpful to track and reuse the most successful projects. Managed print services can help by limiting time spent on project tracing. 

Improve Data Security

One of the biggest growth challenges and concerns of organizations is security. With cyber-attacks at an all-time high, and data breach risk increasing year over year, ensuring data security is paramount. Every organization needs to protect its employees, clients, vendors, and internal data. 

Managed print services are highly adept at managing security, anticipating risks, and defending against potential threats. While an in-house IT team can defend against attacks in their individual areas of expertise, a managed services team means the organization has access to a vast array of people and resources for the individual concerns as they arise.

Reducing Equipment Costs

One of the more difficult pieces of the puzzle when monitoring multifunction printers is the ability to efficiently detect the life cycle of the equipment. A workhorse staple like a multifunction printer may have a long life with regular maintenance. It may also burn out quickly depending upon the projects and demands of the team. 

Any high-quality managed print service will monitor the health of all equipment and will be able to recommend an upgrade or replacement at the right time - before the item breaks down but not before its had the longest life possible. Combined with regular maintenance, managed printer services ensure equipment costs are as low as possible while productivity and workflow yield are as high as possible. 

Final Thoughts

Every organization that houses office equipment needs a managed solutions service. The team can help you choose the right equipment, recommend upgrades and replacements at the right times, minimize costs, maximize productivity, and ensure the security of some of your most important data. Consult with the professionals at All Copy Products for answers to your questions and to get started with the highest quality managed service professionals available. 

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