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ACP provides businesses with the scanning technology they require to maintain smooth operations in their print environment.

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Securely Scan & Store Sensitive Information

ACP provides cutting-edge scanners that can handle a variety of document types. Furthermore, with the help of proprietary software, you can convert multiple documents into editable electronic files, create PDF files, and more.

Our scanners can also be leveraged to scan and organize business cards and contacts. You can also scan large volumes of documents for archiving. When you follow this approach, you can improve document accessibility, collaboration, and management.


Our scanners are highly versatile and user-friendly machines. So, anyone at the office can transform hard copies into digital documents. This approach will help boost productivity as digital files can be stored and retrieved in a matter of seconds.

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Space-Saving Design

ACP only works with equipment that helps companies save space. That is why our scanners boast space-saving designs and a very small operational footprint.

Most of our industry-leading scanners have a slim, narrow, upright design that is ideal for workplaces where desk space is a premium.


Our scanners are highly flexible and often scan both sides of an item at the same time. ACP scanners are designed to handle a wide variety of document types, giving you the ability to take on any scanning project. Even if you are dealing with oversized documents, a double-feed detection feature can be leveraged to ensure that no information is lost during a scanning exercise. So, regardless of what needs to be scanned, you can count on high-quality each and every time.

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Environmentally Friendly

Modern document scanners are built to be highly efficient and environmentally friendly. These machines are designed to meet regulation and conserve energy by default.

This approach, along with effective document management processes, will help you reduce waste and your overall carbon footprint.

Scanning Services

If your office is overburdened with filing cabinets and you do not have the manpower to digitize said files yourself, ACP offers secure scanning services to help your company achieve total digital transformation.

Our document scanning services play a critical role in document imaging and document digitizing. This approach helps ensure that all your document assets are secure and always available to authorized access. Our extensive experience across industries will help you seamlessly make the transition from hardcopy to digital documents.

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