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Body Temperature Kiosks

These intuitive and contactless body temperature kiosks are designed to prevent virus spread and maintain a healthy work environment for your employees, visitors, and the general public.

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Non-Contact Kiosks with Temperature Check

Fully-automated contactless kiosks are built to scan and read body temperature in seconds, while maintaining an active log of everyone scanned. You can now safely check and adhere to regulations for anyone entering your business!

• Non-Contact, fully automated
• Scan and read body temperature in as little as 1 second
• On screen message displays temperature reading
• Optional facial recognition for everyone scanned
• Access and export your scan logs (holds 30,000 records)

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Ensure Government Compliance

Many cities and states have issued new mandates that require all businesses, super markets, retail stores, and restaurants to screen everyone who enters for their body temperature. Our fully-automated temperature kiosks ensure that you comply with those new state orders with minimal effort and costs. A kiosk will also make sure that you help prevent virus spread and maintain a healthy environment for your employees and visitors.

• Government Compliance
• Active logs of everyone scanned
• Visible "Entry" or "No Entry" for every scan
• Plug and play setup with easy maintenance

High-Quality Hardware

• 8-inch IPS full-view LCD display
• Waterproof and dust-proof design that is stable and durable
• Speakers provide verbal alerts including warnings for abnormal temperatures
• Optional messaging that can request individuals to wear a mask if they are not wearing one
• Supports various peripheral expansions such as ID card reader, fingerprint reader, IC card reader, etc.
• Kiosk stands and additional accessories available

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Accurate Temperature Detection

• Our kiosks support body temperature detection and display with a marginal error of ±0.2 °C (at a distance of 0.3 meters)
• A distance of 0.5 meters is recommended for the most accurate readings, while 1 meter is the farthest distance one should be in order for a temperature to be read
• It only takes a few seconds for detection and an alarm will sound automatically when temperature abnormality is detected

Intuitive Facial Recognition

• Industrial-grade binocular wide dynamic camera, night infrared, and LEDs
• Face recognition pass speed is ~ 1 second
• Database capacity for 30,000 faces and can be exported
• Supports recognition and comparison of faces with surgical masks on
• The 1: 1 comparison recognition rate is more than 99.7%

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Find out how automated temperature kiosks can help keep your business safe by contacting one of our experts, today!

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