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September 23, 2021
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What Are the Advantages of Security Cameras for Your Business?

advantages of Verkada security cameras

As much as high-achieving entrepreneurs try, nobody can be in two places at once unless they have a security system in place, including security cameras and video surveillance. While there are many benefits to keeping a constant eye on your business, some of our favorites include the prevention of theft, improved safety and productivity, and the ability to provide evidence when you do need to report a crime confidently. Find out some of the best advantages of security cameras and where to get reliable systems for your business. 

Prevent Employee Theft

Most people worry about customers stealing products, but staff can also become a problem without proper supervision. One of the best benefits of security cameras is the ability to keep an eye on both customers and staff. 

According to a 2021 study, 95 percent of businesses suffer from theft in the workplace, and employee theft costs businesses $50 billion annually. In fact, 42.7 percent of total inventory loss in stores is due to employee theft.  

All it takes to implement a solution that works is to install a security system. The mere presence of security cameras deters most employees and staff. Others are deterred when they see a fellow employee held accountable for theft using security footage as evidence. 

Customer Safety

It’s a sad truth that criminals often identify and take advantage of their victims while the victim’s attention is elsewhere. For example, they might steal from a customer’s car while the customer is inside. Or they may lift items from the customer’s backpack or purse while they shop. 

One of the most common examples of thievery during business hours is identity theft. One out of five Americans fell victim to identity theft last year. At least 60% of them experienced a resulting financial loss. 

Given the array and variety of crimes against customers, while they are in a state of vulnerability while their attention is on shopping activities, it makes sense that more security systems and cameras would benefit consumers and businesses. 

Improve Employee Productivity and Business Operations

When consumers and staff alike feel safe, they are also able to work distraction-free. One of the least appreciated benefits of security cameras is their visibility. People can see that their space is under surveillance, and they relax. The result is a more comfortable, enjoyable customer experience. 

Meanwhile, employees are able to pay attention to their work tasks with less time spent watching customers and more confidence that if they see wrongdoing on the part of customers, the employee will have evidence to back them. This sense of security and confidence leads to more productivity and overall employee satisfaction. 

While surveillance cameras have various benefits, the added improvement to productivity and the higher customer satisfaction score is a significant, under-recognized, and powerful benefit.  

Monitors Customer Transactions

Few tasks are more costly and time-consuming than having to reconcile transactions and money. When small amounts are missing, it can be simple errors. 

However, an increasing number of skilled criminals take advantage of the lack of surveillance during the point of transaction. 

With security cameras in the right place and with the proper training, monitoring customer transactions can create more safety and security. But, more notably, it can also help the bottom line as the organization tries to determine where theft may have occurred and how. 

Provide Criminal Evidence

Unfortunately, there are bad actors throughout every society. Criminal mischief is inevitable. Those organizations that have surveillance systems installed will be able to better track patterns of behavior and wrongdoing. 

More importantly, security cameras mean the organization can provide evidence of criminal behavior. It can be frustrating to report crimes based on observation only. Often, criminals get away with their crimes because there isn’t proof. 

The organization can protect itself against losses, improve the bottom line, and deter other criminal activity when it can provide evidence. 

Final Thoughts

Crime will always have a presence in our lives. However, every individual, organization, and community can be empowered to keep themselves safe. The benefits of surveillance cameras are far more comprehensive than what can be included here. Deterring theft; improving safety, productivity, and customer experience are just a few of the major reasons security cameras are necessary for every business of any size. 

Reach out to the professionals at All Copy Products to discuss your concerns, get a needs assessment, and implement a quality surveillance system that will keep your business, staff, customers, and bottom line safe.

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