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Verkada Security

Helping our clients succeed is our primary goal at ACP, which is why we are constantly seeking out new ways to help boost their productivity and ensure business continuity. With these goals in mind, ACP has partnered with Verkada to provide state-of-the-art security surveillance systems. These powerful and dynamic systems offer innovative ways to enhance the physical security of your business as well as identify new ways of boosting its efficiency.

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Protect Your Business with Verkada’s Industry-Leading Surveillance Technology

Verkada surveillance systems are the perfect addition to further protect businesses, regardless of their size or industry. Whether you are looking to install a few units in centralized locations of a medical practice or a campus-wide system for a university, ACP can help you find the right Verkada system for you.

Verkada’s unique approach, and subsequent smart design, allows for a more bandwidth-friendly solution in comparison to other high-definition surveillance systems. This means that regardless of how many cameras you have and where they are located throughout your organization, they will still be providing crystal clear footage for you to monitor – even when network connectivity is limited!

Do More with Verkada
Security Solutions

When you partner with ACP and Verkada, your business receives more than just a basic security system, you get a total surveillance experience.

When you acquire a Verkada security system from ACP, you obtain a tool that can provide powerful insight into the day-to-day operations of your business while simultaneously boosting its protection. Capable of capturing high-quality stills of individuals when they are detected, you are able to scan through recorded footage and identify individuals by applying filters based on attributes such as the color of the clothing they are wearing, gender-specific traits, as well as an individual person’s face. This powerful technology can be invaluable should a security threat arise.

This unique system is the only system on the market that allows you to send a digital link via email or text messaging of live footage to individuals – including government authorities in the event of a security threat. These links can be set with a time or date of expiration, allowing you to limit how long you would like to share said feed.

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Access Security Systems
Anytime from Anywhere!

Designed to help businesses of all types, Verkada security systems make protecting your business simple. Accessing your surveillance footage and data is easy with Verkada’s centralized and secure management system - Command. Command is a robust system capable of executing numerous commands and completing valuable tasks that other leading security systems are unable to perform.

To further enhance your company’s protection, Command allows you to designate specified roles to employees and limit or grant access to specific camera footage and data. Not only do you receive this powerful ability, but an audit log is automatically maintained to identify who has been accessing information and when they have been viewing said data.

ACP and Verkada believe in making things easier for our clients and complex security systems are no different. At any point during the day, whether you are on the move, working remotely, or are at home outside of your business hours, you can easily access Command. Accessible from any device with internet capability, Command can provide you live updates on what is going on at your office. Even when a computer or laptop is not at your disposal, you can retrieve information from your smartphone using an iOS- and Android-compatible app!

Discover How ACP Can Help Protect Your Business with A Verkada Security System by Talking to One of Our Experts, Today!

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