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June 22, 2020

How to Choose a Professional Copier Company?

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In many offices, the copier is the unsung heart of day-to-day business operations. It is where those agendas and reports are printed so everyone in every meeting will be on the same page. It is where people can escape for a quick break from the office hustle while they let the copier do the work for a few minutes. It is also often the place where the final touches are put on all of the most important tasks and projects. Every company needs the right copier for these jobs and more, but they can't get the right copier without the right copier company.

Things to consider when choosing a copier company

Shopping for a copier means shopping for the best company to provide a copy machine that is needed. The right copier company will earn the trust and loyalty of its clients, value their clients’ needs and successes, and more.

The ideal partnership with the best printer company will have a few tell-tale elements:

  • The hard sell won't be the only priority. Sales are a part of any successful company, but pushy salespeople could mean a sales quota is driving the conversation, rather than the client's business needs. Clients should take the time to ask questions, understand their options, and gain confidence that the machine they purchase or rent will meet their needs. 
  • The right questions won't just point you to the right printer. When the company representative asks thoughtful, detailed questions about their clients' big picture needs, now and in the future, they are showing that they value their client's success, not just whether they can match them to a machine that will move paper and ink.
  • Responsiveness is a crucial factor. Early on in the relationship, this can mean returning calls in a timely manner and finding quick answers. When it comes to the service contract, a fast turn-around that will keep the client's business on-track with minimal disruption is non-negotiable.
  • When it comes to office technology, qualifications are a factor in any business, big or small. Service technicians need to be current on manufacturer certifications. Inventory, parts, and tools for the most common fixes that copiers need should be kept near the client's location for faster solutions. 

What type of copier will work for your business?

The answer to the question about what type of copier the client needs will be best answered by the copier company. If they assess and truly make an effort to understand their client's needs, they will be able to recommend the best copier.

That said, the process can be expedited with just a little research. By examining office needs, the client will have a better sense of what questions to ask. Plus, the client will be better equipped to answer the copier seller's questions as completely as possible.

Just a few ways the client can complete a quick assessment:

  • Check the space. Is there going to be a dedicated copy room, a nook, or will it need to sit on a desk?
  • Check with the office staff. Asking the people who will be using the copiers and printers the most about what they need or expect is crucial.
  • Printer capabilities are vast and varied. Beyond quality color, collating, and stapling, there are choices like digital scanning, faxing, email options, and even a job queue, so employees don't have to stand around and wait. 
  • Volume and speed can be furiously frustrating or feverishly fast. Not every client needs something that can churn projects out at the speed of light. However, some companies do require a machine that can pull double duty with multiple projects at once or multiple machines.

Different types of printers will do different jobs. The copier company will be the best resource to match the client with the ideal copier, but if the client has a few key answers ahead of time, they will be better prepared to assess the company while the copier company assesses the client's needs.

Buying the copier from an authorized dealer

Searching for the best printer company doesn't have to be the most time-consuming part of someone's day. Getting a better understanding of the two types of copier supply companies can be a huge time-saver.

Copier manufacturers

Clients will sometimes head straight to the copier manufacturer, especially if there is a particular brand they are familiar with. When a client knows what they need or want, this can be the ideal solution.

However, it is worth pointing out that unless the client has actually worked with the brand before and knows about the alternatives, they may want to shop around a bit.Technology, even in the copier and printer industry, is always changing and advancing. There may be alternatives that the client never discovers because they went straight to a particular manufacturer with blinders on.

Authorized copy machine dealers

An authorized dealer can represent multiple manufacturer brands, which helps to ensure the client will have more options available to them. More options can mean there's a significantly higher likelihood the client will be matched with the ideal copier.

An additional benefit of working with a printer dealer is the added authority and trust it can bring. If the authorized dealer works with at least one big-name copier brand, it carries weight. It can mean the dealer is reputable and trustworthy.

In addition, the authorized dealer will often offer significantly better customer service because they speak the client's language and are invested in understanding and responding to the client's needs. Manufacturers can often end up being more interested in the exchange or sale, rather than emphasizing the relationship.

Finally, options like service, maintenance, security, both regarding hardware and software, are important considerations. It's significantly easier to compare all features and functions when clients choose to shop with an authorized copier dealer.

Final thoughts

As a shared tool in the office, choosing something that will genuinely serve the team's needs is vital. And as an everyday component of the client's daily work activities, working with the right copier company can make all the difference. The client should decide whether to work with a manufacturer or an authorized dealer. They should assess their internal needs before working with a copier company. And the client should carefully evaluate the copier company's approach to working with their clients. 

By taking these few, simple steps, the client will have a winning multi-functional copier that eases tensions and adds to efficiency, rather than a machine that frustrates staff and slows down projects and the bottom line.

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