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April 13, 2020
Document Management

Why Should Anyone Care About OCR Scanning?

OCR Scanning document

Why should you care about what OCR scanning is? What could it possibly have to do with the vast majority of businesses today? Put simply, a lot!

Gone are the days of managing records in-house. Despite millions of successful and intelligent business owners bucking the trend, the truth is, they are adding hardship and time-wasting work to their employees' daily lives.

In truth, when people think about cutting costs, the popular phrase "time is money" is often echoes but hardly recognized. Saving people time and improving work efficiencies are integral to the year-end bottom line.

So where exactly does a scanning service fit into the picture? In order to answer this question, it is important to understand what OCR scanning is.  OCR, or Optical Character Recognition, is a software that can read and analyze printed text and translate it into a computer-optimized format. Ultimately this allows for a company's entire document storage database to be filtered and organized by any data source allowing for fast and easy access to documents that normally might be difficult to find. Consequently, the scanning and document storage process becomes vastly more organized, efficient, and automated, allowing for time to be focused on profitable operations.

Here are a few ways in which OCR scanning services can optimize your business:

1. Efficiency

As described earlier, one of the most valuable assets to this scanning process is the ability to look things up quickly. Since each character is read during the scanning process you can use numerous filters to find data including keywords, date, time of scan, name, address, department title, and many more.

2. Organization

When engaging an OCR scanning service such as All Copy Products, you can work with an expert to discuss the manner in which you would like your data organized and archived. As soon as you have access to your data, it is organized to your custom preferences.

3. Accuracy

Since OCR focuses on independent characters and patterns during the scanning process, scans from OCR are often accurate to within 99% of all scanned content.

4. Space

The more obvious perk with OCR scanning is the space it saves. Since OCR saves the documents into a hosted cloud it is no longer necessary to dedicate vast amounts of office space to bankers boxes filled with old documents. Since you have access to everything digitally, you can store these documents off-site and save a ton of space.

5. Legitimacy

The last aspect of OCR worth noting is that the process has been around long enough that most providers follow compliance regulations and have formal certificates to provide in the event that you need hard copies destroyed. Make sure when engaging an OCR service that compliance standards are always met.

In conclusion, the intent and design of the OCR scanning process are centered around saving time and space while improving efficiency through properly organized digital documents. So if you have a large database of files that is unorganized, have stacks of documents taking up office space, or are just spending too much time digging up old forms for operations, you are exactly the business person for whom OCR was designed.

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