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Canon Copiers

Canon is a company name synonymous with high-quality optical technology and a global stamp on the world of technology. It was founded in the 1930s in response to the need for precision optical instruments. They developed cameras at a time when visual communication, particularly during wartime, was becoming one of the most impactful ways to connect the world under a common understanding of the human experience.
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Canon History

Founded in Japan, this iconic company’s products were designated a priority export. In the post-war 1940’s, their Canon II B won first prize at a national exhibition in San Francisco, California. This led to Canon’s early plans to enter the United States in their global strategy. 

In the 1950’s, Canon entered the television production market, set up a headquarters location in New York, and set up European distribution centers. This global undertaking solidified Canon’s place as one of the top manufacturers of precision optical technology in the world, competing alongside companies like Toshiba, Sony, Xerox, and Nikon. 

After over 60 years of competitive design and engineering across several sectors, Canon is now one of the most trusted developers of copiers and multifunction printers. However, the company also leads the way in cameras, televisions, imaging satellites, and other refractory technology.
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Why Choose a Canon Copier?

Today, Canon hold several awards for design, engineering, and sustainability. They are facilitating scientific discoveries with zoom lenses and telescopes used to see the far reaches of space. They supply high-definition medical imaging and diagnostic precision machinery. And they’ve delivered some of the most meaningful advancements of other leading-edge technology, specifically in photography and Canon copier and printer solutions.

With such fierce competition, it can be challenging to decide whether Canon is the best choice when shopping for copiers and multifunction printers. Here are a few of the top reasons Canon should be the clear choice for office technology that keep your team efficient and productive.

User-Friendly And Top Quality Customer Support with Canon

Canon has always had the end-user in mind when designing customer-facing products and technology. Today, they are well-known for their user-friendly and intuitive machines that allow the worker to focus on the project they are producing, rather than wasting time trying to figure out how to use the machine. 

When questions do arise, ACP's Canon customer support is clearly dedicated ensuring the client has the best possible experience. Every agent is a highly trained expert to make each and every call or visit productive, so your team can get back to the work that matters quickly.
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Environmental Sustainability

Canon recognizes its role as a manufacturer of goods and products that have an environmental impact. Unlike many businesses, Canon has the unique position of taking responsibility for the impact in several ways. Their efforts have been highly awarded for decades from within their industry as well as heavy hitters in the environmental arena, such as National Geographic, the EPA, and Energy Star. 

Canon’s environmental and sustainability initiatives are far-reaching and impactful, covering recycling programs, partnerships, certifications, and corporate social responsibility initiatives. They even ensure their environmental impact doesn’t stop at manufacturing. They continue the management of environmental impact all the way down to the customer and end-user by designing for Energy Star efficiency and other important specifications, awards, and guidelines.

Canon Copiers For Growing Companies
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Grow Your Business
With Canon
When you buy a Canon copier you not only get a top-of-the line Canon copier, but you also get the benefit of Canon copier support and Canon copier service. Everyone needs the whole package when they invest in an office machine that supports such everyday activities as faxing, copying, printing, scanning, email, back-ups, cybersecurity, connectivity, and so much more. 

Choose a Canon copier, in particular, consider a multifunction copier from Canon for a powerful and efficient office presence that will last while drastically improving your business. Canon will help your business grow as well as grow with your business.

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Reviews of Canon Copiers & Printers
For those who are unconvinced of Canon’s superior design and engineering as well as their quality service, consider the reviews and available testimonials. Canon copier reviews offer countless five-star reviews reinforcing their commitment to customer satisfaction. Canon copiers are most often praised for their upgrades to security features, cloud functionality, and emphasis on security. These days those priorities have to be shared by clients because the digital world is fraught with security scarcity and reactive responses. By staying ahead of the risks, Canon helps to ensure your company, employees’, and clients’ information remain safe and secure.
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ACP Partners With
Canon for Copiers
The professionals at All Copy Products (ACP) are committed to ensuring you have the best possible choices when shopping for copiers and multifunction printers. They only partner with trusted brands like Canon, Konica Minolta, and Sharp. As your advisors on how to choose the technology and machine that will suit your business and it’s future needs, they listen to your goals and match you with the perfect printer. Contact ACP for educated, experienced advice and guidance on whether to buy a Canon copier or other trusted brands that will serve your goals.

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