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Scanning Services

ACP’s Scanning Services can digitize all of a business’s important documents allowing them to reclaim their office space, while simultaneously improving workflow efficiency.
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Why Digitize Your Documents?

Offices with several filing cabinets or storage spaces dedicated solely to documents can greatly benefit form ACP’s Document Scanning Services. Filing cabinets cause inefficiency as employees spend an ample amount of time looking for a document to reference and they take up a considerable amount of space in the office. Having important documents stored in boxes is also a security concern as anyone in the office could access said information.

Improve Document Security

Using ACP’s document scanning services removes the need for filing cabinets and improves document security. Digital documents can be password protected to make certain only the appropriate users can access the files and those users are able to retrieve them immediately and remotely. Digitizing your files with scanning services helps guarantee streamlined workflows and office efficiency.
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Seamless Scanning Process

We make it easy to utilize our Scanning Services and enjoy benefits from it immediately. ACP will come and pick up the physical documents from your office and transport it back to our on-site, secure scanning center to begin the document scanning process. Our team catalogs each box and its contents to track where every box and file is in the digitization process.

Following every scan, our scanning specialists will review the scanned image to ensure quality and proper orientation. Upon completion of the scanning process, we are able to securely dispose of your documents and deliver the digital files on a variety of mediums including USBs, secure links, or on a hard drive. Additionally, ACP offers cloud storage that is a secure and advanced document management platform that makes it easy to access all of your newly digitized files without the need to store them yourself.

Secure Document
Scanning Services

Our document scanning service team’s top priority is guaranteeing your documents and their information are kept secure and confidential. This is why we take several precautions during the scanning process to ensure your documents are kept secure. ACP never utilizes a third-party to pick up your documents and our drivers go directly from your office to our scanning site without any stops. In order to access the scanning site a keycard with proper clearance must be used, which only select ACP employees possess.

If your files contain highly sensitive information such as social security numbers or credit card information, we keep them in a locked vault room within the restricted scanning facility. This secure environment, as well as the other security measures taken ensure the utmost confidentiality of all your files. Furthermore, our scanning team is made up of experts on compliance standards, such as HIPAA, and apply their advanced knowledge to ensure that your documents are secure so you remain compliant.

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